A Letter to my 18 Year Old Self on Her Birthday 

Emma, stop what you’re doing for a minute and listen. Right now you may feel a little overwhelmed, like things are going too fast, but in reality, this is nothing compared to the rollercoaster you’ll be getting on in a couple of years. Trust me, I’ve got a decade on you! 

Yes, it may seem like life is too much right now, like you totally get what the Rembrandts were singing about in the Friends theme tune, but actually, life is fairly easy for you right now. 

In a week’s time you’ll split up for good from your first proper boyfriend. Yes, I know you two only just got back together but we all know that was a poor decision, and this time, it will be be the last time – you aren’t Ross and Rachel and that break you went on should have been a permanent one. 

After a summer of fun, where you will drink so much Red Bull you’ll give yourself an intolerance to caffeine and almost miss being a bridesmaid at your aunt’s wedding, you’ll start university. Yes, your mum gets her way and you’ll start your degree in events management at Bournemouth university. 

After a rocky start where you’ll be convinced nobody likes you, you’ll make friends, two of them, and these friends will actually stick by you, unlike the friends you made at school (they’re long gone). These two girls will just get you, despite admitting that you scared them just a little the first time you met (that’ll be the resting bitch face and that crazy black bob you seem to think looks good right now). 

In fact, these girls will come along to your wedding on the beautiful Greek island of Santorini. Yes, you get married abroad (although it’s not your first wedding, more on that later) and it’s beautiful, the best time of your life. 

I don’t really know how to break this to you gently but at the age of twenty eight, you have three kids and the oldest is seven. Yes, seven! Which means that in just three years time, you’re going to become a mummy. I know, I wasn’t prepared for it either, but you manage, you really do. In fact, becoming a mum kind of saves you, because truth be told, you were kind of leading yourself down a path of self destruction when you fell pregnant. 

Despite people thinking you would drop out of uni, you don’t, and you’ll go on to graduate with the rest of your course, with a beautiful baby boy in tow. By this time you’ll have also found a man, and in the heart over head fashion you’ll have decided to ignore the advise of others to take it slow. 

Within the next year you’ll be about to welcome your second child, a daughter, into the world, but your relationship is already rocky, despite now being engaged. 

A year after this, and you’ll be almost ready to get married for the first time. You aren’t happy, I’m sorry to say, and it’ll be weighing heavy on your mind, but you think you’re doing the right thing and ultimately, it’ll lead you to your happy ending. 

The following year you’ll have already called time on your marriage, and things will be a little up in the air for awhile. It’s ok, know that it’ll all work out and try to be kind to yourself. You don’t deserve to feel guilty or beat yourself up for your mistakes, everyone makes them. 

You’ll have met your future husband already, and he will be there for you throughout the next few years, always there to comfort you and put the smile back on your face. In a couple of years time you’ll welcome your third baby into your arms, and things will feel complete. 

So, you see, it may feel like life is hard at the moment, but it’s only just beginning. Try to enjoy the next few years, live life to the fullest, and even when you make some questionable choices, don’t regret it, everything happens for a reason. Your depression will worsen before it gets better, but just ride it out and take comfort that if you don’t experience the lows you’ll never appreciate the highs.. 

P.S don’t throw away those maths books just yet, you’re going to need them for finance and economics at uni, and ditch the black hair dye, it looks bloody awful! 

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11 thoughts on “A Letter to my 18 Year Old Self on Her Birthday 

  1. butterflyculture1996

    You aren’t Ross and Rachel really gave me a chuckle. I think this is a really interesting concept – maybe I should look back and think more.



  2. Taylor Jane

    Oh I loved reading this! This is such a good letter to your younger self! I’ve seen other posts similar to this one, but I have to say I really enjoyed reading this. 3 beautiful kids you have here, even though you went through some difficult times you’ve totally nailed it by getting married abroad! My total goals!

    Taylor Jane | http://www.taylorjane.co.uk


    1. evenangelsfall89

      Thank you 😊 getting married abroad is incredible! x


  3. Rachael blakey

    I love these types of posts! It’s crazy thinking at 18, you think you have it all figured out when really, our lives haven’t even begun yet! 18 year old me never thought she’d still be with her boyfriend & have a baby, at 25!!!

    Rachael xx


  4. Gemma

    Haha I love this, so sweet but funny at the same time!! Lovely read x


  5. Kate Ballamy

    This is such a cool post, I loved reading it. Ps your family looks perfect, how cute are your children?



    1. evenangelsfall89

      Ah thank you, so sweet of you!


  6. Jackie

    I love reading these types of post. It’s so cool to look back on where you came from. I got a good chuckle from it. I might have to do this for myself.



  7. Charlotte Lane

    Loved this! It’s so true that you never know what’s around the corner, so you just have to take each day as it comes xo

    Char | http://www.charslittleblog.co.uk


  8. charlotteannelane103

    Loved this! It’s so true that you don’t know what’s around the corner and you literally just have to take each day as it comes xo

    Char | http://www.charslittleblog.co.uk


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