Mummy Mondays – Benjamin at 11 Months 

I’m not even going to go there, but 11 months… what?! Next month my baby boy turns one (which is absolutely mental), but for now, here’s an update on what he’s been achieving over the last month…


Benjamin is still refusing to walk, despite us having caught him on more than one occasion stood completely unaided, only to plop back onto his bottom as soon as he realised we were watching! 

He cruises quickly around furniture confidently now and will quite happily hold just one hand to walk along with us, but if we try and let go he will collapse to the floor and revert back to crawling. 

He’s so quick at crawling now, I can’t really blame him wanting to! He will zoom from room to room with his cheeky grin, laughing at us if we try and catch up with him. He also confidently climbs the stairs (obviously supervised), and is very proud of himself when he reaches the summit! 


Benjamin is still breastfeeding. My mum and Ed have both asked me in the last week how I plan to stop breastfeeding him once he reaches his first birthday and I’ve told them I have no definite plans to. 

Yes, my goal was one year and I’m so pleased I should be able to make that, but it doesn’t mean I have to stop there. If Benjamin is happy to continue, I will do so for the time being. I love the bond it’s given us and, although it can be very tiring, I’m really loving how close breastfeeding makes me feel with Benjamin. 


Benjamin loves eating (just like his mummy). He loved Greek yoghurt when we were in Santorini, so we’ve bought some for his breakfast back home. He has also developed a taste for hard boiled egg, and will munch on that at lunchtime. 

He’s still obsessed with spaghetti at dinner time, pasta in general in fact, and he had a fantastic time at Pizza Hut at the weekend for Cameron’s birthday, where he munched on some pasta salad, pizza and garlic bread followed by a bowl of ice cream! 


Benjamin has become even more vocal lately and definitely seems to be copying what we are saying. 

He said cracker the other day when I gave him one for a snack, and he will happily repeat what you say when he feels like it (but not when I try and show other people, he’s fun like that). 


Benjamin is now starting to wear his 12-18 month wardrobe. Some of the clothes look a little big but generally he’s growing into them nicely. 

I bought some adorable pjs for him in the Asda baby event last week. They were only £5 for two pairs and they make him look so grown up! 


We don’t seem to have had any teething for awhile. Benjamin still only has the two teeth through, which is fine, he seems to manage eating with what he’s got! 


I think we are going to have some trouble on our hands with this one. He’s definitely totally cheeky, and I do think he’s already learning how to play us off on one another. 

Benjamin knows that a cheeky grin or a cuddle will make me forget anything bad he does, and he totally uses this to his advantage! 

I’m so excited for Benjamin’s first birthday next month – I’m taking him for a cake smash on his actual birthday and can’t wait! 


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