Mummy Mondays – The Only Items We Consistently Used in our Baby’s 1st Year

Babies. They’re expensive, right? There’s no avoiding the fact that having a baby is going to have some level of financial strain on your family, but having now had three children, I’ve come to realise that you can get by as a parent without some of those ‘must have’ baby products.

Benjamin is coming up to one (crazy how fast this year has gone) and I’ve been looking back at what we’ve actually consistently used over that year and put together a list of our baby essentials. This list will reassure me, should we ever decide we are crazy enough to have a fourth, that having a baby doesn’t have to break the bank.

So, what’s on the list? The top baby product of 2017? That item with all the bells and whistles that costs the equivalent of a second hand car? Nope! My list consists of items you can purchase for under £200, and some are even less than £10, so totally affordable!

AVENT Bath & Room Thermometer

This thermometer has been in every bath I’ve poured for Benjamin since he was born. It’s so easy to use and reassures me that Benjamin won’t find his bath too hot or too cold. I tend to use it for the older children too to avoid them complaining about the temperature of their baths.

I don’t really use it as a room thermometer, but it’s brilliant that it can be used for both. It costs around £17, so fairly affordable and lasts a long time!

Baby Dove Sensitive Head to Toe Wash 

This is what we use to wash Benjamin’s hair and body. It’s a really gentle formula, lathers up just enough, and lasts ages!

Nuby Super Spout Grip n Sip Cup 

This cup has been our go to since we received it a few months ago. Baby sippy cups are so hit and miss and I’ve found so many of them leak or are too hard for little ones to drink from but we’ve had no issues with this one (bar a couple of incidents where Benjamin was too eager to get the water and managed to tip it upside down on himself).

The handles on the Grip n Sip are really easy for him to grip onto and we’ve found they are useful for attaching onto the cot and pushchair when not in use too.

Nuby Digital Breast Pump 

I knew when I was pregnant with Benjamin that I couldn’t face using a manual breast pump again and I needed an electric one. Looking around online I wasn’t keen on spending out on the Medela as I wasn’t sure I would actually use it that much.

When I came across the Nuby Digital pump on special offer at the time for only around £45, I decided to give it a go and I’ve had no issues with it. It’s a brilliant pump, so affordable and really easy to get the hang of using.

It’s not too loud and I’ve always managed to get a good amount of milk in a very short period of time. I love that it has different speeds and suctions, meaning you can adapt it to suit your needs.

I have also used the Milk Genie from Pumpables for the purpose of review and, although good, I would recommend the Nuby pump as a more affordable option.

Water Wipes 

These remain to be the only wipes I’ve used for Benjamin. They are so soft on baby skin, don’t irritate due to a lack of chemicals found in some other wipes, and although people do complain they cost more than other brands, I think they are worth the cost. Look out for them when they are on offer in Boots and the supermarkets for £2 or buy in bulk for further savings.

Graco Travel System followed by the Zobo Deluxe Blayde Stroller  

I have never spent more than £150 on a travel system. I just can’t imagine spending a small fortune when affordable brand Graco has always provided such a brilliant budget option. Their travel system we bought for Benjamin cost us £120 and included a car seat and pram, which we used from birth and continue to use now.

Over summer we also bought the Zobo Deluxe Blayde Stroller from Toys R Us (currently on sale for £45) and it was brilliant as a lighter buggy whilst we were in Santorini and in good weather for the school run back home.

Asda Little Angels Nappies 

Nappies are different for every baby, I’ve found. I’ve always used Pampers for the children up until the age of around six months when, for whatever reason, they start leaking. With Cameron and Carly I then moved onto Sainsbury’s own brand nappies but now we shop in Asda I’ve been using their Little Angels nappies with no issues. They are brilliant and so cost effective at around £5 for a pack of 78 nappies.

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