Mummy Mondays – Our First Few Days with Baby Benjamin 

Benjamin is now 6 days old, it will be a whole week tomorrow since he came into the world and it’s totally flown by! I’m trying desperately to appreciate every single moment of this newborn stage as I really think this will be my last baby. 

Monday Musings is now being replaced by  Mummy Mondays as a way to help me keep track of everything going on not only in Benjamin’s development but also with my two older children as well. It also opens up opportunity for collaborations with other mummy bloggers along the line and gives a platform for our collaborative posts with companies. I hope you’ll enjoy this new blog series. 

Benjamin first arrived home just before 1am on Wednesday 19th October, just over 5 hours after his birth. The first night I barely slept because I was watching him like a hawk. We have a Moses basket next to the bed but by the second night it became redundant as I decided for my own sanity as much as anything else to co-sleep. 

On Benjamin’s first full day on earth, I had planned a totally relaxed day in bed. However, my home birth midwife text to say she would be coming over at around 10.30am so I got up to see her. She noticed Benjamin had a 100% tongue tie and said she would like to sort this out immediately as it can affect feeding. We therefore had to get dressed and go down to the maternity hospital for the procedure to be carried out. 

After his tongue tie was cut (which has left him with a yellow diamond scab under his tongue for the time being), another midwife did his checks that would have been done the next day usually. Ed’s childhood heart problem came up so the midwife wanted a paediatrician to check Benjamin over. This took awhile and I was feeling so tired by this point. 

When we got back home, my mum, Nan and Cameron were waiting to see us. Carly was also dropped back by my friend Sealy shortly afterwards. I was exhausted and just wanted to sleep so they left soon after and the children got to properly meet their little brother. That night we had Dominoes and I toasted Benjamin’s birth with a glass of Prosecco (my first in months). 

After a fairly sleepless night, Ed took Cameron to school. When he returned my sister came round for a few hours. We ventured out of the house for a short walk around the block and I decided I was up to picking Cameron up from school. 

It turns out I wasn’t and I stayed in the car. That night we gave Benjamin his first bath and took a photo of the children with their brother. 

My nipples were incredibly sore by this point and I was flinching at each feed but determined to carry on, I YouTubed videos to try and improve my latch. 

Friday was spent pushing myself too hard, after initially saying I would rest. We went out for breakfast at Frankie and Bennies and I fed in public for the first time (a bit of a milestone, although I’m generally not shy about breastfeeding). 

My midwife came round at midday, whilst Ed took Carly to the park, and weighed Benjamin. He was only 4% lower than his birth weight, which is pretty good going (they can lose up to 10% without worry). I mentioned my sore nipples and she checked the latch, which she said was good and that it may be just initial pain of feeding. 

After her visit we went into town and visited where we work. Afterwards we went to my mum’s for Benjamin to meet my brother, and then we went over to Ed’s best friend’s house. They had a baby 9 weeks ago so we had a photo of them next to each other to see the difference in size. 

When we got home I realised I had pushed myself way too hard. We had some fajitas and I relaxed on the sofa with Benjamin. 

Saturday was spent indoors, on Ed’s orders I had to rest. My friend Kirsty came round to visit and one of Ed’s friends also came round. Both children were out so it was fairly quiet in the house for once so I took advantage of this and filmed my Birth Story for YouTube. 

After Benjamin had a couple of 3 hour sleeps in the night we woke up feeling like we were about more human. Ed had to attend a course and Benjamin had his 5 day check where his weight had gone back up to what it was at birth (yay!). He had his heel prick test which he didn’t even flinch for, and the midwife was happy with how he was developing so far. 

My dad and his partner travelled down from Essex to meet Benjamin and in the afternoon we went to see Ed’s parents who had been on holiday, so they could also meet Benjamin. 

It’s been a fairly hectic few days and I’m trying to ensure I rest more this week. I really need to try and sleep when Benjamin sleeps during the day to help me cope better in the nights when he feeds every 1-3 hours. I find it hard not to just sit and stare at him though! He’s just so cute! 

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