Mummy Mondays – Encouraging Good Oral Hygiene Early

I have always been quite nervous about going to the dentist. I had to have several fillings, teeth taken out and a brace fitted as a child and it has made me wary about going for check ups. I don’t want this fear to be passed onto the children, but I also want to do everything I can to ensure they have good oral hygiene to hopefully prevent issues with their teeth. I was recently sent across the FOREO ISSA mikro, a baby electric toothbrush suitable for children from birth to five years.

I am fortunate as Benjamin actually loves cleaning his teeth already. He watches his older siblings as well as Ed and I and always reaches for his toothbrush in the morning before the school run and at bedtime. Although he is keen to use a toothbrush, I am not sure he has been brushing properly, so the Foreo ISSA mikro toothbrush, with its gentle sonic pulsations, has been really helpful to get him into good habits early on.

The mikro brush is made from silicone with super soft bristles, which is brilliant for toddlers who are teething, like Benjamin. The massage mode helps to gently massage sensitive gums to soothe them. I know he can use the brush without worrying about him hurting his mouth. The silicone brush is also more hygienic than a regular toothbrush as it is less likely to be harbouring bacteria.

The brush comes in a variety of fun, vibrant colours including Fuchsia, Bubble Blue, Kiwi and the Sunflower Yellow that we have, sure to appeal to young children. It also features “Smile Helpers”, happy and sad faces, which aim to encourage consistent brushing. Benjamin absolutely loves making the brush smile at him!

Benjamin has already visited the dentist, to help him get used to the idea, and he was really good and seemed fine having his mouth examined. I am confident that on his next visit the dentist will be able to tell that he has been cleaning his teeth regularly.

I would recommend the FOREO ISSA mikro toothbrush if you are looking for a brush that will help encourage younger children to clean their teeth properly. It is available online and also comes in other versions, suitable for older children and adults so the whole family can have matching brushes.

This is a collaborative post with FOREO. I was gifted the toothbrush featured in the post, however all words and images are my own. 

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