Mummy Mondays – Benjamin at 7 months 

It’s a total cliche, but every time I find myself bringing out the milestone cards as another month passes, I can’t quite believe how fast time is going. Benjamin turned 7 months just under 2 weeks ago and this month I feel he’s really advanced in his development. 


No longer content with staying in one place, Benjamin now rolls everywhere. Ok, it’s not quite crawling, but he gets where he wants to be, and to he honest it’s already becoming hard enough to keep track of him if I glance away for a second so it’s probably best he doesn’t crawl just yet. 


Benjamin has taken so well to the baby led weaning approach. He absolutely loves his food, especially meat, and he will happily join us at mealtimes for whatever we put in front of him (apart from banana, he did not like that). As well as his high chair, which he loves to sit in, I’ve just bought him a portable booster seat for when we are outside of the house, which I think will really help, especially when we are on holiday. 


Having just about managed to feed Carly up until 6 months (and the last few weeks were a struggle) and Cameron only up to 4 months, I didn’t know if I would make it further with Benjamin. Luckily we both seem to have really settled into feeding and I am optimistic of reaching the year target I set myself. One of the main things I didn’t want to do was to let breastfeeding restrict me, and thanks to my brilliant electric breast pump from NubyUK, which I got when I was pregnant, I can pump in advance and still attend events, go for date nights with Ed and even go for weekends away (although I did have to buy a manual pump when I went away as I forgot to bring the electric one!) 


Benjamin still only says a few words, but he is so vocal nowadays! He constantly babbles, coos and shouts dadda to anyone who will listen, sometimes he is so loud I have to shout over him! He’s no closer to saying mama unfortunately, despite the fact that I am the one feeding him and with him everyday… I’m sure he will manage it in time… 


Benjamin is growing so much lately that I had to go and buy more summer clothes as he’s already growing out of some of the bits I bought only a month ago! 

He’s now in a mixture of 6-9 and 9-12 months, and it’s making me nervous about what size I should be getting for his little page boy wedding outfit for September! 

I find it hard to comprehend how he is in clothes that size when to me he still seems tiny. He’s very dainty but he must be fairly long in the body and legs! 


Another month and Benjamin still hasn’t got any teeth despite having been teething now for a good four months! Despite liking bonjela before, he now has an issue with it, so I think I’m going to have to sample some other teething aids! One thing he really loves doing is chewing on my hair and he tries to chew on my necklace as well, so maybe it’s time to try out an amber teething necklace. 


Benjamin is such a happy, smiley little boy (unless he’s hungry, when he gets very hangry, but he takes after me for that). He will smile and giggle away at strangers and I am always getting chatted to by people who he’s charmed when we are out an about (he definitely doesn’t get that trait from me). 

As Benjamin carries on changing day by day, week by week, he continues to make Ed and I so proud. I can’t wait to see what the next month holds for him. 

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