My Monthly Plans – March 

This year is going by super fast, which is both terrifying (after all, I’m going to be 30 in a couple of years) and quite exciting as each month brings our wedding closer – eek! 

March is a fairly busy month, although we need to budget well as April, for us, is insanely busy with lots of social stuff planned. 

1st – Doctor & Dentist 

Kicking off the month sorting out my body and teeth. I’m going to discuss my coil as I’ve had it for 6 weeks now and the irregular bleeding is continuing (arghh). I’m also going to consider returning to antidepressants as my counselling is taking its time to be set up and in the meantime my mood keeps dipping down. After that it’s straight onto the dentist to have a clean and pick up my mouth guard – sexy! 

7th – Date Night 

It feels like Ed and I haven’t had a date night in forever. In reality it’s been only a couple of weeks since our Valentine’s indoor skydiving fiasco, but yeah, we need another one. I know not everyone agrees with date nights but for us they’re so important to recoup and make an effort with our relationship rather than just the kids. 

11th – Family Party 

For Ed’s cousin’s birthday he’s having a big party. The kids are invited too so it’ll be nice for us all to celebrate together. 

17th – Benjamin Hospital Appointment & Beauty & The Beast 

I’ve got a hospital appointment for Benjamin which is worrying me a bit, so to distract me, we’ve booked for my sister, my mum and I to go to the new odeon in town to see Beauty and the Beast in the evening. I am beyond excited! Beauty & The Beast was my favourite Disney film when I was a child, and even the first few bars of music on the trailer gives me goosebumps, so I’m very excited for this! 

18th – Wedding Dress Shopping 

I’ve been putting off wedding dress shopping as I haven’t been happy with my weight after having Benjamin, but I can’t really afford to wait any longer. If I get a dress off the rack it’ll be fine, but if I need to order anything in then I will need to hurry up or it won’t be ready in time for the wedding! I’ve booked 3 appointments and I’m taking my mum and sister along to help – exciting!  

19th – Wedding Open Day at our UK reception venue 

Although we can’t go to our wedding venue beforehand (which kinda kills me, as an organised person), we can go to our uk reception venue, and I am looking forward to attending their open day to better plan where we are going to put the photo booth, chocolate fountain and sweet table. 

24th- Wedding Dress Shopping 

In case I can’t find ‘the one’ on our first shopping trip, I’ve also planned another two appointments for the week after. Hopefully I find it this time, otherwise I’ll need to book further appointments for April. If I have managed to get my dress by now, I’ll be focusing on the bridesmaids and flower girls. 

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  1. Cheila

    I’m sorry you have to go on antidepressants. I take a few pills a day and absolutely hate it. But hey, anything to get better, right? I hope you have a lovely month and have fun dress shopping.


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