Mummy Mondays – Tipitoe Handprint Kit Review

When we moved house, the majority of boxes were filled with drawings done by the children, old letters, photos albums, scrapbooks and memory boxes. Ed calls it hoarding, I call it keeping memories. 

In the spirit of making and keeping memories, I jumped at the chance to review a new product from Tipitoes soon to be available. 

I received the keepsake handprint kit (suitable for ages 0-6 months) in blue through the post and read through the easy to follow instructions. 

The kit suggests you wait until baby is asleep before taking the print so I patiently waited for Benjamin’s afternoon nap before getting down to business. 

The kit is an adorable keepsake tin with two ends that come apart to reveal the orthopaedic foam like substance which is used for the print. The fact that it is mess free and non toxic was brilliant. 

I read through what I needed to do and went about pressing Benjamin’s hand into the foam. I don’t think I pressed hard enough. The print was there but fairly light. I put the plastic cover on as instructed and moved to the other end for hand number two. 

This time I was determined to make a better, more distinct print, so I pressed his hand in harder and was pleased with the result, a perfect copy of his little hand preserved in the foam. 

The mistake came when I decided to try and reattempt hand number one… this did not go well. 

Not only did I end up ruining the print entirely, I also woke up Benjamin in my attempt to press his hand harder onto the foam, so it really is just a one shot kinda thing – make sure you’re prepared and make sure the pressure isn’t too light, but isn’t too strong either to make the perfect print. 

Overall I like the kit, the side I didn’t ruin looks great and I’m looking forward to looking back on it when Benjamin’s older and seeing how tiny his little hands were. 

Having had three children, I’ve used my fair share of print kits and I would say that this type, along with the ink free variety, are the best. Less mess = less stress! 

With a retail price of £15 (RRP) I think this is reasonable, and the print kit would make the perfect present for a baby shower or gift for new parents.  

The handprint kit was sent to me for the purpose of review, however all views are my own. 

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8 thoughts on “Mummy Mondays – Tipitoe Handprint Kit Review

  1. One-Way to Health

    This is such a lovely idea! Do you think I will be able to do it with my nearly 1 year old son’s hand or is his hand going to be too big? I never did it when he was younger ans I am now regretting it. So I want to make one as soon as possible! Monica x


  2. Devon Mama

    I’ve never seen ones like this before – a lot less stressful than the ink kit that we tried to use! Either way, it’ll be a lovely keepsake!


  3. Lyndsey O'Halloran

    I would love to do this with Erin. It seems so easy to do


  4. Amy @ The Smallest Of Things

    Such a lovely keepsake! I really must do this with the girls! ox


  5. Something About Baby

    Ah I love things like this, although I never found the opportunity to do one with Alfie when he was younger (mainly due to fear of waking him once he was finally sleeping!) That is a great print though, and a lovely memory to have.


  6. Abbie

    I’ve not seen these print kits before but it looks fab! I like the idea that they recommend waiting til baby falls asleep as no doubt I’d attempt it when they’re wide awake!!


  7. Jaymee Heaton

    The print looks great! I did one with my eldest when he was born but never got round to doing one with the other two 🙁


  8. Deb Sharratt

    That is lovely. I still use my coasters with my boys handprints on them – we had them done on their 1st birthdays – such a lovely keepsake x


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