Food & Fitness Friday – No Ifs or Butts 

Apart from my tummy, my bum is one of the parts of my body I’m least confident about after the kids.

I used to have a pretty good, small but pert bum, but lately I’ve noticed that my bum is not only bigger than it used to be, it’s also a bit shapeless.

I would love to have my bum back to its former glory in time for our wedding, especially as we get married in Santorini so I’ll be in bikinis that week, and hoping to look my best.

My sister also wants to work on her bum so we’ve decided to complete a 30 day challenge between now and my first wedding dress shopping appointment at the end of March to kick start the mission for the perfect round butt!

I also picked up another 10 minute workout dvd recently which focuses on the butt, so I’m hopeful I can see some results by combining the two.

Wish us luck!

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5 thoughts on “Food & Fitness Friday – No Ifs or Butts 

  1. Jasmin N

    Wow good luck! Also, congratulations on the upcoming marriage 🙂
    That bum challenge is definitely something I’ll save for later – I’ve got a feeling I might need to try that out after I’ve recovered from giving birth haha 😀


  2. thatmummyblog

    Aha, I’ve tried one of these challenges before, got about half way through before giving up! Should really give it another go sometime…Good Luck!


  3. Michelle Murray

    I friend did something very similar to this last summer and it really worked


  4. Devon Mama

    I tried one of these before my wedding and it was so intense I struggled to climb stairs after!! Good luck!


  5. Lindsey

    Oh I love this, butt lift challenge! Bloody motherhood will be the end of us lol


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