My Chinese Takeaway Order

And the award for the most unimaginative blog post goes to…. Ok, so it’s not very interesting but I have a confession to make. This week I had my third ever Chinese takeaway (yes, ever, and one didn’t really count as all I ate that time was chicken balls and prawn crackers). 

Ed is a big Chinese takeaway fan and has been wanting one for ages, but we always opt for pizza or Indian because of me. 

As I’m such a novice, I took to Twitter and my amazing In Real Life girls for suggestions what to have and this is what we ended up with… 

Sea Spicy Chicken 

Crispy Chilli Beef

Sweet and Sour Chicken Balls 

Beef Fried Rice 

Chicken Satays 

Prawn Crackers 

And the verdict? I didn’t think much of the chicken. It was a bit boring. I loved the crispy beef, so much that I nearly ate it all. And of course, we already knew I was partial to a chicken ball and prawn cracker. 

I also enjoyed having my first ever fortune cookie. Although my fortune was a bit of a let down. I already know I’m lucky in love (finally, after kissing my fair share of frogs!)
What do you order at the Chinese takeaway? Any suggestions for me for next time I order one? 

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