Homemade Spicy Pizza

I used to love cooking. I got an A* for my Food Technology GCSE, with 100% on my coursework, which was on gluten free birthday cakes. Recently I have stopped making so much of an effort when it comes to cooking. Ed is better than me at most dishes, and I just don’t really have the time or energy in the evenings to do anything too fancy.

Whilst reviewing Emily’s brilliant book – Get Your Kid to Eat Anything, I came across her recipe for rainbow pizzas and, after having a go, I fell in love with making pizzas from scratch. The best bit? The whole family love them and, apart from the time it takes for the dough to prove (only around an hour, but it requires a bit of planning ahead), they are quick and simple to make!

The pizza base recipe has come from Emily’s book. I have adapted the rest to suit our own individual tastes. The children usually have cheese and pepperoni as a topping, but we like something with a bit more of a kick. Enter my spicy pizza! Warning: this is fairly hot…


1 teaspoon Salt

1 teaspoon Yeast

300g plain bread flour

250ml warm water

Mix together to form a mixture that can be kneaded in your hands. Once smooth, roll into a ball and leave to prove for around 1 hour.


For the sauce, I literally just use a Sainsbury’s own passata with garlic and onion. This is then topped with Sainbsury’s basics mozzarella.


Jalepenos – sliced in half

Spicy Mexican Cheese – sliced into squares

Sweetcorn, canned 

Red/Yellow Peppers, cubed 

Red onion, cubed 

Pizza Pepperoni – sliced in half 

Diced Chorizo 

Occasionally I add a chilli pepper as well, and I usually work with what we have in the fridge. Sometimes I will substitute the chorizo for leftover chilli mince, for example. Ed is usually quite critical when it comes to pizza, as he is a diehard Domino’s fan, but he has said how nice these pizzas are, and they are a fraction of the price to make!

Pizza base recipe taken from Emily’s book. You can purchase this on Amazon

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