My Current Top 5 Beauty Products 

So I’ve decided not to carry on with my Throwback Thursday series. I started it wanting it to be a chance to cover serious topics covering my past, and I will still discuss my past in future posts, as I find it really cathartic. I don’t ever want to force my writing though, and this is how I’ve started to feel trying to come up with meaningful topics, which are specifically related to my past. So instead, I will be posting some more lighthearted content once a week. 

I love beauty products, makeup, everything girly and pretty. I don’t really have the money to buy new things for myself, but over time I have found some firm favourites. These are my current 5 favourite beauty products which help me feel more me. 

1. OH, LOLA! by Marc Jacobs 

I am a huge perfume fan and always ask for one for each birthday and Christmas. I either tend to go for designer scents or the budget friendly Next ones. This was a present from Ed for my birthday. I love how light and feminine it is, and it is perfect for over the summer months or when I want to just add a little something to my outfit before walking out of the door. The bottle is gorgeous as well. 

2. Garnier Micellar Cleanser 

I used to be a face wipe girl but I converted to micellar water last year and haven’t looked back. I love how easy it is to remove my makeup, without feeling like I’m dragging my skin. I use double sided cotton pads. I keep meaning to add more to my nighttime skin routine but for now, this is it. 

3. St Moriz Self Tanning Mousse in Medium 

I came across this brand several years ago when it first became popular and I’ve never looked back. I’m not saying it’s the best fake tan, but it is definitely the best budget brand I’ve tried and leaves a streak free finish and a nice golden brown tan. 

4. Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Stretch Mark Lotion

This is a life saver during pregnancy. I tried a load of different products to help with stretch marks during my second pregnancy and none were brilliant. This cream may not stop stretch marks from forming (I have plenty), but it definitely helps relieve itching and helps my bump keep soft and supple throughout the pregnancy. I love the smell as well. 

5. No7 Stay Perfect Foundation in Calico 

I’ve been using this make of foundation for awhile now and when I tried a different brand, it just didn’t provide the same level of coverage. I do want to try more expensive brands, but right now this is at the top level of my foundation budget and I’m pretty happy with it. I used to use the shade darker but after switching to this, I feel I look much more natural and my family have noticed the same. 

What are your top 5 beauty products right now? 

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