Experiencing the Renaissance Treatment at Lush Spa Poole

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As much as I attempt to practise self-care, lately I have had a lot going on behind the scenes at home and it has left me feeling stressed out and overtired. Fortunately I had been invited along to the Lush Spa in Poole to experience their new treatment, Renaissance prior to its launch this Friday 14th February across the Lush Spas in the UK. It came at a much needed time for me so I was looking forward to finding out more about what the treatment entailed and about the Lush Perfume Libraries also launching across Europe.

The Lush Spa is located just back from the waterfront in Poole Old Town, which is just a short walk from where my nan lives, so I went along on Saturday afternoon for my treatment. I was welcomed warmly by the staff and had a little wander around the shop, before heading into the spa itself. I loved their selection of fragrances, and it was nice to be able to test out some of the perfumes before I went in for my treatment.

Greeted by my therapist, I was shown into the kitchen area, where I was walked through the Renaissance Treatment. I must admit, having heard it involved meditation, I had been a bit apprehensive as I have never been able to mediate before, but I was reassured by my therapist that the treatment uses fragrances and touch to transport you into a deeper state of relaxation – meditation for those who don’t think they can mediate.

The treatment works at releasing emotions being held onto by your body through reflex points. Once these are cleared, the therapist then delivers positive affirmations to help you release and let go, able to move forward.

After a short history of fragrance, my therapist asked me to look at the wheel and choose which I was most drawn to, based on how I have been feeling lately. I went for Mastery, as my anxiety has been bad lately. My therapist explained that the opposite side of the wheel would be our focus, to work on the areas that I was having issues with currently and so we went with Hope, which includes traits such as playful, optimistic and imaginative.

The fragrance for Hope is Frangipani, which is not a scent I would ordinarily go for (when I tested the fragrances out in the shop, I had liked Confetti best, as it was sweet and lighter) but I was interested to see how it would be used in the treatment to transform my mood.

In the treatment room, I was left to remove my clothing and get under the towels, which had been scented with the Hope fragranced powder. The room was lit by candlelight, and there was a soundtrack playing bird song, which my therapist had explained had been carefully created to work with the treatment, bringing the sense of walking in a garden in Florence, Italy, and the Renaissance period.

Lying on the bed, which was lowered down at the start of the treatment, I was feeling a bit unsure of what to expect, despite the therapist having talked me through everything beforehand. My anxiety was high and I was feeling concerned that my mind would not switch off. However, once the treatment began, and my therapist expertly massaged my legs, feet and hands, I was lulled into this state of relaxation, which I can’t really explain, but it was just perfect, allowing me to totally switch off and relax for the first time in weeks.

I was so relaxed by the end of the treatment, that I could have stayed lying there for hours in a zen like state. My therapist left me to dress, and I met her back in the spa’s kitchen area, where she mixed me a fragranced herbal drink, which bubbled and smoked – it was pretty impressive and tasted pleasant too. I was left to enjoy the drink, before saying goodbye and leaving the spa. I love how immersive the treatments at the Lush Spa are, combing all the senses.

I left feeling lighter, like a weight had been lifted, and with a smile on my face. I honestly felt more positive about everything going on in my life than I had before I went for the treatment, and it was nice to feel restored before another hectic week ahead. The treatment is just 40 minutes, so can fit into even a busy day, and costs £75. You can purchase your vouchers for the Renaissance Treatment at your local Lush Spa now – available to enjoy from Friday 14th February.

The Florence Collection of perfumes, used for the Renaissance Treatment, are also available to purchase from Lush including Sappho, Nero, Confetti and Frangipani, which is the fragrance I had during my treatment.

I was invited along for a complimentary treatment at the Lush Spa for the purpose of this post, however all words and images are my own. 

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    oh wow it sounds absolutely incredible. I’ve never been to a Lush spa before, but I’m dying to as I love Lush products so much. I like the sound of those fragrances too, they sound divine xo

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