All Change! 

It feels like I’ve not blogged in forever. As I mentioned previously, everything pretty much changed in my life around the same time so I’ve been taking a bit of time out to transition and try and get everything straight again before concentrating on my writing. 

In the past few weeks I’ve left my stressful, full time job and started a new job which is much calmer, much more ‘me’ and part time, meaning I can spend time with the children, picking them up from school and taking time to appreciate my little family. 


Spending quality time with the kids
At the same time, we’ve moved across town to Ed’s flat, where we will live for the next six months whilst we save some money for our wedding. I handed the keys back in this morning after a full on weekend of getting everything out of one house and squeezed into Ed’s flat. Everything is still all over the place right now but at least now I’m working less hours I’ll have some time to get things sorted. The kids love their new room, so that’s good! 


Waving goodbye to our house
Wedding plans are on hold a little now we’ve booked, as we have a long time to go and I want to spread the fun out a bit. 

Overall everything is sort of slotting into place right now and I am a lot happier because of this. I felt like I was running on empty for a long time and now I’ve finally been given the chance to have a much needed refuel. 


Food has been a big part of my ‘re-fuelling’
And with the blog? I have some regular post ideas which I’m hoping to get going in the next week or so, and with time on my hands I can really lose myself in writing again, which I’m excited about. Writing is my passion. I can’t wait to see where that takes me. 

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