Learning About Neal’s Yard 

One of my best friends Kirsty is a representative for Neal’s Yard and, as I’ve mentioned before, this is not something I know much about. I’m a little ashamed to say I have never really thought or cared much about using natural beauty products before but as Kirsty is a friend, I went along last Friday when she helped her friend Hayley launch herself as a representative into the business. 

The evening was very relaxed. Hayley had set out a few nibbles (some healthy and some not so healthy, for some bizarre reason I had taken an Easter egg along with me to snack on).

After we were all there and comfortable, Kirsty began to introduce us to the brand and to explain the business in an informative but laid back way which she is excellent at. I found myself learning quite a lot and it did make me think differently about the beauty business and my own somewhat poor habits when it comes to what I put on my skin. 

 After the introduction, Kirsty got the group to take part in a couple of games, one involved our handbags and the other was like bingo using the catalogue to decide which products would be mentioned next. 

Kirsty demonstrated a facial using the products on Hayley, something which is provided for the host of Neal’s Yard parties, and we had a chance to look through the catalogues and order items if we wanted to from newly launched Hayley. 

I hadn’t planned on buying anything as we are saving at the moment, but I ended up ordering a couple of bits for my poor feet that have taken a battering over the past few months being in heels all hours of the day. 

It was a really fun evening and something I would definitely consider doing again. If you would like to find out more about Neal’s Yard, the website can be found here and if you are local, I cannot recommend Kirsty and her team more to help you learn more about the benefit of going natural. You can reach her on her Facebook page here

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