I’m Getting Married!! 

Ok, I know, I’ve been a bit like a broken record this past week. I promise I will shut up after this post (well, until I go dress shopping, bridesmaid dress shopping, ring shopping etc, etc- yeah, I’m never shutting up about weddings from this point on). 

So anyway, you may remember seeing that Ed and I won a wedding package with Perfect Weddings Abroad last week and we were looking into possible dates. We have now booked the wedding for Saturday 2nd September 2017. That means we will be getting married in just over 18 months. 

I am unbelievably excited to be able to get my wedding planning head on. In fact I may have got a little overexcited the last few nights and have so far bought our favours, ordered our personalised wedding invites and done a lot of Pinterest pinning with the help of my maid of honour, my sister Megan. 

Plans are forming and although I have a lot going on at the moment with the move and change of job, I am really happy to be able to put the plans into motion which have seemed more like a pipe dream of late. 

I’m most excited to get our RSVPs back and see who out of our very close family and friends (the venue is incredibly intimate- read tiny) will be joining us on this amazing adventure. 

Ultimately the best part will be becoming Mrs Longden. Ed is my total rock and I can’t wait to make him my husband overlooking that fantastic view! Eek, eek, eek (and one more eek for good luck!) 



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