Cheat Day 

When I had each of the kids, I (understandably) had some weight to lose. With Cameron I initially tried some crazy fad diets, most memorably the soup diet which, as a breastfeeding mummy, had me nearly passing out. Eventually I found what worked for me and it was healthy, smaller portion meals during the week, with a cheat/treat day at the weekend. This winning combination saw me lose my baby weight and more within a short amount of time, not just for Cameron but a couple of years later for Carly as well. 

Since then, when I’ve wanted to be healthier, I’ve always gone back to the cheat day initiative. Diets and healthy eating plans can fail if you feel you are deprived. You end up craving the bad treats you can’t have and so cave and eat them, usually in much bigger quantities than you would have done. By allowing yourself a cheat day once a week, you are able to look forward to when you can eat the treats, and I’ve often found that actually, by that day I don’t want half the stuff I thought I would want during the week. It helps me keep my healthy eating going and definitely helps when I have social plans for the weekend, meaning I can still go out for a meal and have those drinks as its my cheat day anyway. 


Yesterday was our cheat day and we had an Indian takeaway with a couple of glasses of wine on the side. Yum! 

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