Online Learning for Secondary School Pupils

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If lockdown, back in March this year, taught me anything as a parent, it was the importance of online learning. Working from home, alongside homeschooling my three children, there was no way I could have achieved it, if it hadn’t of been for online educational tools and apps.

Satchel, one of the UK’s popular education learning platform, with apps covering homework, attendance, timetables and attendance, have now launched a digital tutoring service with online classes offering careers guidance and exam preparation, from a range of top companies and individuals, at a minimal cost.

Satchel Classes currently offer tutoring sessions alongside UCAS, Adobe, Pure Gym and more. The education service is passionate about providing low-cost classes, that are accessible for more students than ever before. Classes are typically between 20 -30 minutes and cost around £2-£3 a session, with some offered free of charge.

Students, and their parents, need not worry about privacy concerns, as the classes are offered as a one-way stream, with students’ cameras and microphones disabled throughout, allowing peace of mind for all.

Lessons include basic money management from a financial technology firm, a free talk on working in the film industry by a professional actor, writer and director and a GCSE history lesson on how to revise and answer exam questions by a History and Sociology teacher.

Primarily aimed at secondary school children, I know this is something I will be looking into as Cameron gets older and goes into his next year at school. Distance learning is difficult, as many have discovered this year, but platforms such as Satchel Classes offer a cost effective, affordable alternative to private tutoring during the pandemic and beyond. I think anything that helps reduce stress for students and their parents is worthwhile.

This is a collaborative post with Satchel, however all words are my own.

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