First Impressions of the Apple Watch Series 4

I have had my eye on an Apple Watch since they first came out but it always seemed like a totally unjustifiable expense for me, until I turned thirty and received some birthday money and finally decided I would treat myself. I waited a couple of months, so that I was able to save up the remaining money I needed, and I couldn’t wait to try the watch out when I went to pick it up from John Lewis (I almost always shop there for electrical as they are great at price matching, and have brilliant customer service).

I had opted for the Series 4 Gold Aluminium Case with Pink Sports Band, with GPS but not cellular, which, from what I can tell, means that I can only use some of the features when I am nearby my iPhone, but as it is almost permeantly attached to my side, that isn’t really a big issue for me. The only time I plan on going out and about without my phone, is when I am running, and I can still use the watch for music and tracking anyway. The cost difference was around £100 I think for this extra function, and I decided it wasn’t worth it for me personally.

I went for the 40mm watch, rather than the slightly bigger screen of the 44mm. I wasn’t sure whether this was a bad decision, as I didn’t try both out in the shop first. I did do a bit of research online, and the general consensus seemed to be that if you have small wrists, and don’t have particularly poor eyesight, the smaller watch face should suffice. There was only around £30 difference in price, so I would be kicking myself if I wasn’t happy with the size of the watch to be honest, but I am fine with it.

The watch is easy to assemble from the box, but you do need to charge it straight away in order to use it. The charger is a small circular stand, which attaches magnetically to the watch, and does seem to charge quickly, which is good as I plan to wear the watch most of the time (I want to monitor my sleep during the night).

As you would probably expect, as an Apple user, the watch comes with some apps already in place. From the start, you sync your phone with the watch, so you have all your contacts, emails, messages and call history already in place so you can pick straight up on your watch. You can also choose to upload any compatible apps that are on your phone straight away to the watch, or add these at a later date.

The Apple Watch app on your iPhone gives you the option to change settings, download additional apps and personalise your watch front. I was torn between the Toy Story and my favourite image of me from my 30th birthday celebrations, so I am alternating between the two for now.

Some of the apps I have downloaded include MyFitnessPal, Chirp (for Twitter) and Calm – I love that it encourages you to do short activities that will ease anxiety and stress, something I really need to work on.

I was advised to protect the watch with a case and/or screen protector, and I bought one on Amazon Prime for just under £7, which is a pretty coppery/rose gold colour, and should help keep the watch safe from scratches and damage when I am out and about.

I will most likely put together another post in the future, once I have gotten used to the Apple Watch, but for now, I wanted to share my first impressions, for anybody considering getting the series 4 watch.

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