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You have probably noticed by now, I have built up quite a collection of dresses from FemmeLuxe over the past few months. The only problem is, I don’t go out-out enough, so I have taken to getting myself dressed up for every occasion, no matter what it is.

Even during lockdown, I wore a dress for my birthday Zoom quiz with family, so I can definitely get some wear out of my FemmeLuxe dresses. My latest wardrobe additions from the website include two more dresses as well as a t-shirt and trousers, which are not something I would ordinarily go for but I love them!

FemmeLuxe are constantly updating their stock, which means that you should check back in every so often to see what new pieces they have available. I have been trying to choose outfits which are outside of my comfort zone, to see what styles suit me, and I am pleased with this Emerald Bardot Mid-dress, which I got in a size 10. It clings to all the right places, and accentuates my curves, whilst distracting from my small chest. The shade of green is really flattering too – I am a big fan.

Next up is another little black dress – I know, but you can never have too many of them, right? I must admit, I am not as keen on this Black One Shoulder Organza Balloon Sleeve Mini Dress. It may be the sizing, as I went for a 12, but it doesn’t sit right on my body and I feel quite self conscious wearing it.

The one balloon sleeve keeps falling down and I feel like the clear straps are a bit too obvious too, if you see what I mean? Having said that, the main body of the dress itself is nice and does seem to fit my body shape, without clinging, giving me a flattering silhouette. I think this is one I may need to have altered, perhaps removing the sleeve and adding some spaghetti straps instead.

I do tend to stick to dresses from FemmeLuxe, but I am glad that I branched out and went for a t-shirt. This Coral California Graphic Print style t-shirt is such a nice shade and looks great with the trousers, or paired with denim shorts. I even experimented with tying it to make a crop top as the material is nice and stretchy, which is something I never thought I would be confident to do as a mum of three.

The trousers are definitely a favourite from the order. I struggle with finding trousers that suit me, as I have quite big thighs and hips but slimmer calves. These Black Cargo Slim Fit Trousers are perfect, as they flatter my shape. I went for a size 12, as I am currently between sizes, and I am glad that I did as it meant the waistband wasn’t cutting into my skin and making an unflattering bulge under the t-shirt. I think I will pair the trousers with a loose cami and heels for meals out in future, or with a plain white tee and black blazer for work.

This is a sponsored post, with gifted clothing, however all words and images are my own. 

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