Things You May Not Have Considered Before Buying a House

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Over the past six months or so I feel like I have been on a massive learning curve. Although Ed owns property, he bought it before we were together, and I have never actually bought a house myself before, having rented since I moved out as a teenager. Although we haven’t finished the house buying process, nowhere near in fact, there have been a few surprises for me along the way, and I wanted to share some of those, for anybody else embarking on the house buying journey.

You May Need to Use Storage

As we have furniture in the property that Ed is currently selling, and we are privately renting a house at the moment, there might come a time when we will need to look into self storage before we buy ourselves. If you are selling somewhere or have been renting a furnished property before you buy, and need to downsize in between homes, this might be something you haven’t considered. I know that it was a surprise for me, personally. It’s a great solution if the property you are buying needs renovating or even just extensive redecorating, so you can keep your furniture and belongings safe whilst the work is done.

The Fees Involved

We are really fortunate that we should be buying whilst the stamp duty is suspended, which will save us a small fortune (it is so expensive for a 3 bedroom house in our area), however I had no idea of all the other fees involved when buying and selling property, until we started speaking to a Mortgage Broker. As well as estate agent fees, there are solicitor’s fees, and then we also have to pay additional costs due to the situation with the property we are selling – all this has to be considered when looking at the equity you have, and when applying for your mortgage.

The Emotional Rollercoaster

Like I say, we have nowhere near even finished the process yet and I have already been on a massive rollercoaster of emotions. I used to think the renting process was stressful but it is nothing compared to the fear of losing out on your dream home, or making a mistake and putting in an offer on a property that turns out to have huge issues. We have been quite strict with how many properties we have second viewings for, and only put in offers on two so far, but it is always hard to deal with it when you realise you won’t be getting the house you had begun to see yourself living in. I can definitely see why they say house moves are one of life’s biggest causes of stress!

As I say, we are only a short way into the house buying process at the moment, and have a long way to go yet, but these are just a few of the things you may not have considered before buying a house. I know they weren’t on the radar for me anyway!

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