My Thoughts on the iPhone 11 Pro Max

About a month into lockdown, I managed to get myself a slightly early upgrade on my phone contract and finally got my hands on the iPhone 11 Pro Max. I knew that I wanted a big phone, having become accustomed to the iPhone 8 Plus, so the 11 Pro Max was the obvious choice, when looking to upgrade only 6 months prior to Apple’s new release. With smartphone contracts so long these days, I wanted to make sure I had the newest model possible this time round.

I had heard that the phone wasn’t that much different to its predecessors, but two main things attracted me to the Pro Max, other than its generous handset and screen size. Firstly, the battery life was meant to be much better than previous models and secondly, the camera was superior, not just to other Apple models, but to many on the market at the time.

I won’t go into details on the specifications on the phone, mainly because I am the least technical person ever and secondly because there are plenty of websites and review posts out there that go into this kind of detail better than I could, if that is something you are interested in reading about.

What I did want to do was to share some of the photos I have taken using the iPhone 11 Pro Max, since I got it a couple of months ago, as I feel that the images really do the talking when it comes to this phone. I also wanted to put out there that I have the Olympus Pen EPL-10, which is a fantastic camera and used to be semi-permanently glued to my hand, but since getting this phone, I haven’t reached for my camera as much, and quite often leave home with just my phone, confident in its ability to take a high quality picture.

So, without further ado, here are some photos that I have taken with the phone. I have edited some of these slightly using the free version of the Lightroom app on my phone, but the quality itself has been unchanged. Shots have been taken either using the normal camera with the 0.5 zoom function, or the front facing portrait mode (which is just as good as it sounds when you are a blogger and often need to shoot images of yourself – it totally ups the selfie game).


If you are thinking about upgrading to the iPhone 11 Pro Max, I would definitely recommend it. It is hands down the best phone I have had, and the camera itself is worth the few extra pounds I am spending on my contract each month.

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