Planning a Post Lockdown UK Spa Break

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Although I don’t tend to travel many times a year, I do enjoy exploring new places and the escapism a holiday brings. One of the strangest things about the current pandemic is the effect it has had on travel. So far, Ed and I have missed out on a trip to Santorini in May and a weekend away in Amsterdam, which we were due to go on for his 40th birthday this weekend. We had also talked about taking the children away to Spain with us in the summer, which is unlikely as it stands.

Travel doesn’t have to be to a different country though, and we are big fans of a staycation, having visited Bath, The Cotswolds, Devon, Cornwall, The Lake District and the Scottish Highlands all in the past year or so. Voyage Prive offer Spa Breaks in the UK, as well as various destinations abroad, and it is definitely something I am adding to my post-lockdown bucket list for a little break away as a couple.

These are some of the little luxuries I am looking forward to from a spa break, which I have missed over the past few months.

Couples Massages

I am a huge fan of a massage, finding them really relaxing and regenerating. Ed struggles a lot with aches and pains, especially in his legs and feet and I hold a lot of tension in my upper back and shoulders, so I am really looking forward to the chance to enjoy a nice massage together in a couples treatment room.

A Proper Pamper

I will be coming out of lockdown, as many people will, feeling a little fragile and in need of some TLC. My hair is the first thing I want to sort out – I have a full head of highlights usually and my dark blonde/light brown roots are starting to get out of hand, but after that I would love to have my nails, toenails and eyebrows sorted out, along with a good facial. It is going to be heavenly!

Adult Conversation

As much as I adore my children, it has been a long three months all stuck together at home without the chance to get out properly for a little break. Homeschooling alongside working from home has been a real challenge, and I am ready for a little bit of time just for me and Ed to recuperate as a couple and enjoy talking about something which isn’t child-related.

Going for a Swim

Just before lockdown, back in February, I decided I wanted to start going swimming regularly. I was really excited to get into going to my local pool, and then everything closed and swimming wasn’t feasible (unfortunately we don’t have our own pool, sadly). So one of the things I am looking forward to from a spa break is using the pool facilities and actually getting a swim for the first time in months.

Chilling Out

One of the main reasons I love a good spa break is the chance to totally let go of everything stressful going on and just relax and unwind. Like everybody, this period of time has taken its toll on me and my mental health has been affected as a result. I am so looking forward to being able to get away from everything, if only for a couple of days, to really chill out and take some time for myself. Self-care is so important for your mental wellbeing and a trip to the spa is just what I am craving at the moment.

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