The 3 Jumpsuit Styles I’m Currently Loving

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I admit, I have had a bit of a love hate relationship with jumpsuits and playsuits in the past. On the one hand, they are so easy to throw on and can look stylish with minimal effort required. On the other hand, they can be an absolute nightmare when you’ve had one too many cocktails and are attempting to go to the toilet. I have also been wary, in the past, of jumpsuits as they tend to draw attention to the mid-section which, if you are a regular reader, you will know is the part of my body I am most self conscious about.

I have been working on my low self esteem and building up my confidence over the past six months or so and I have stated to branch out a little and choose clothing which I wouldn’t have dared to try before. For this collaboration with Femme Luxe, I decided it was time to cast aside my fears and to go for three totally different styles of jumpsuits and playsuits from their extensive range.

The outfits that I have chosen will all be fantastic to wear once we are able to go out properly again, for meals and drinks, but they are also proving quite useful for my new guilty pleasure – lip-syncing to songs on TikTok, so that’s an added bonus. I also like to dress up for my weekend Zoom quizzes – who says you can’t be fancy on a video call with family?

The Bright One

This Pink Utility Cargo Zip Up Playsuit was the item I sat and looked at longingly on the website thinking I just simply couldn’t pull it off. I am a mum of three kids but I have always been an advocate of not labelling yourself as just a mum, and to remember that you are still a woman as well so, in the spirit of moving out of my comfort zone, I ordered it and I am so pleased that I did. When I first tried it on, I still wasn’t sure it was for me, but during this photoshoot, I loved how confident I felt in it and how it looks in the photos. I am so pleased I decided to chance it. This is a great jumpsuit for the Spring/Summer season, if you don’t want to wear a dress or shorts but still want to get your legs out. I love the detailing, and the fact that it zips up in the front – no more having to ask for help doing my outfit up! If you are a fan of the style but not the colour, there are other Utility Playsuits to choose from.

The Sleek One

I am a big fan of the classic LBD and this Black Mesh Polka Dot High Neck Jumpsuit gives that vibe. I am obsessed with the style – it is sheer in the top half, with cute polka dots, so I paired it with my trusty black strapless bra, and the bottom half is really flattering. The material is so comfortable to wear as well, and I felt amazing wearing this one. I wasn’t keen on the neckline, simply because it was slightly baggy – perhaps I have a skinnier neck than the rest of my body, but the fit otherwise was perfect and I can’t wait to wear this out for drinks once I am able to. Femme Luxe also have a range of black jumpsuits that I have my eye on – perfect for dressing up!

The Shiny One

Saving the best for last. This was a total why the hell not purchase after it caught my eye on the website whilst scrolling. This Silver Sparkle Lone Sleeve Playsuit is definitely eye-catching and I never would have imagined myself wearing it this time last year but I am obsessed with it. It is so much fun! I love the 70s vibes I got when I put this one, and I am looking forward to wearing it out properly to show it off. For now, I will be blasting the retro classics on TikTok… You can find other long sleeve playsuits on the website if this one isn’t quite to your taste.

Are you a fan of a nice jumpsuit or playsuit? These styles are all quite different but I love how all of them look. Definitely take a look on the Femme Luxe website if you are looking for something stylish this summer.

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