Using the 30mm Olympus Macro Lens

I have used an Olympus Pen for a couple of years now, having started with the EPL-7 and then the EPL-8 before I got my current camera, the EPL-9, which I love. If I am being honest, as I don’t tend to use the additional functions as much as I should, and I am still a point and shoot kinda girl at heart, all three models are fairly similar and, if you are on a budget, I would say go for an older model and you will be fine.

I tend to not use the kit lens that much on my Olympus Pen, instead sticking with the 45mm lens which I absolutely love. Whenever people ask which camera I use, I tend to make sure I mention that I use this lens for the majority of my shots as I do find that the overall quality of my photos is much better when using that lens, and it is an additional cost on top of the price of the camera body.

I recently added the 30mm Macro lens to my collection and I have started making an effort to use this, largely for shots of flowers, to get crisp, clear shots that I’m really proud of. I don’t claim to know much about photography, or about the Olympus Pen cameras, I am self-taught and learn as I go, but the 30mm Macros lens is brilliant at taking close-up shots with crystal clear detail.

I have also taken some shots of insects, fruit and of jewellery too. The lens has opened up the opportunity to get angles I wasn’t able to before with the kit lens or 45mm lens, which lacked clarity when up close.

I love the shots I have taken so far using the 30mm Macro lens. I don’t tend to look closely at flowers generally speaking, so it’s nice to see the different aspects the photos provide. If you have an Olympus camera and are considering the 30mm Macro lens I would definitely recommend it as an investment, if you are hoping to take shots with incredible detail.

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