So, You Want To Be A Blogger?

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Have you ever read a blog and thought ‘I could do that?’. Talking about your interests and passions may come naturally to you. If that is the case, why not start a blog? 

Picking A Blog Site


There are a few choices of platforms that you can use to set up your blog. Blogger is one popular choice, while WordPress offers lots of great ways of modifying the look of your blog as well as the way that it functions and performs. 


Choosing A Niche


Many blogs offer a selection of posts across a broad range of topics. From lifestyle, fashion, and health, to business, and technology. Talk about what you know. If you have experience of working within a particular industry, this may be a good starting point for you. However, knowledge isn’t everything. You need to have enough enthusiasm for the topic to allow you to keep writing about the same topic day-in-day-out. 


Beautiful Visuals


People visiting your blog will want to see some beautiful visuals. You can mix up a combination of stock images and your own photos. Including images of yourself can help to add a bit of a personal touch. This will help your readers to get more of a sense of who you are. This can be important if you want to build up a relationship with your readers. 


If you are planning to write a fashion blog, you may want to explore the idea of lookbooks. Having some stunning photos of outfit suggestions being modeled will add some real value to your content for your readers. 


Great Content


You will need to write great content regularly. Many bloggers try to update their sites daily so that they can build a regular readership. Google also favors blogs that post frequently, so this will also help with your search engine rankings. Your content needs to be original and well written.


If you feel as though you won’t be able to keep up with posting daily, why not create a number of posts all at the same time. You can schedule these to automatically be posted each day, meaning that you won’t miss a day. 


Social Media


Having your blog won’t necessarily mean that you will automatically get visitors. You will need to get social. Share your blog anywhere possible. Whenever you create a post, share it on Facebook, or Twitter and try and build up a following on all of the major platforms so that you can reach a wider audience. 


Search Engine Optimization


If you really want to hit the high visitor numbers, you will need to implement a search engine optimization strategy. This means using keywords in your content that will help you rank on searches for those terms. 


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You should also try to get your blog linked on as many websites as possible. If you can get other bloggers to mention you in their posts, this will help Google to see you as an authority in your subject area.

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