The Importance of Caring for Your Staff During Covid-19

I found myself compelled to write this post because I have seen how so many businesses have gone about things the wrong way when it comes to the current coronavirus pandemic. There are the businesses who panicked, jumped the gun and fired their staff before the government announced plans to help. There are those who acted selfishly, even when their own fortunes could have made such a difference to the staff they laid off. There are businesses which have accessed the government furlough schemes whilst refusing to offer leniency for their customers paying for a service they cannot provide.

Then there are those companies who have stood up, they have done everything in their power to protect their staff and their customers, they have gone the extra mile to ensure that people keep their jobs, even if it has meant taking cuts themselves. It is those companies which deserve our business and our respect not only now, but after this is over.

I am so fortunate to be able to say that the company I work for, a local charity, is one of those companies. Our CEO has done all in his power to keep staff in their jobs and to provide additional positions for those looking for work. He has made sure that staff know what is going on right away, following any changes in government guidelines, and I am confident that the company will get through this uncertain time because of his sheer determination to keep things going.

The charity have staff on the frontline right now, working alongside the NHS and local councils to keep caring for those in need. Our clientele are some of the most vulnerable in the community, and instead of bowing under the additional pressure, our staff have worked together to provide the care required for existing clients and those returning from hospital.

I am fortunate that my own job in the company can be carried out from the safety of my own home. I am working alongside homeschooling my three children and it can be tough at times, but the company are giving me the chance to keep my kids out of school, where they would be more at risk of catching this awful virus and spreading it. I am forever grateful that not only am I able to continue working, but that I work for a company who truly cares about their staff.

I look forward to a time when I can be back in our office with my team but, for the time being, we stay in touch with video calls, not only to discuss work, but to catch up with people who aren’t just colleagues, but friends. We keep each other smiling by sending messages over social media and tagging each other in relatable memes. We check in when somebody is finding things hard, and we make every effort to celebrate successes from afar.

At a time when everything feels so confusing and scary, it is amazing to know that the company I work for have got my back. How many people can say that right now? It shouldn’t be unusual, it should be the norm.

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