Coping with Anxiety During the Coronavirus Outbreak

Coronavirus is the word on everyone’s lips at the moment. The virus, which originated in China and has since spread the globe, affecting people in the majority of countries and leaving chaos in its wake, has been all over the World news and social media. With everybody talking about it, it is near impossible to avoid hearing about the virus and how many people have now contracted the illness.

As somebody who has anxiety and has, in the past, suffered with health related anxiety, at first this new and scary virus was a terrifying concept. I avoided everything about it as best I could, staying away from Twitter, where it was constantly a trending hashtag, and not watching or listening to the news.

However, surprisingly, as the outbreak became more widespread, I actually found myself actively searching out news. I see it as a way of feeling prepared and clued up whilst also seeking comfort in the fact that we are all in this together. COVID-19 is new, it hasn’t been around before and there is currently no vaccine, so there is nothing anybody can do other than being vigilant with their own personal hygiene, at least until there are is more official guidance in place.

Workplaces across the UK, including my own, have put contingency plans in place as more cases of coronavirus are announced in the country, but other than that we are waiting for the virus to run its course.

My anxiety largely stems from feeling out of control, so an outbreak of this level is really scary for me, but talking about it with friends, family and work colleagues and even strangers whilst out and about has actually reassured me rather than made me feel worse. Many people are saying they aren’t worried, and their reasons why are logical, which helps me feel better. Those that are worried, also have good reason, whether that is an underlying health issue or elderly relatives, but it once more acts as a reminder that I am not alone in this. The whole world is going through this, and it is strangely comforting to know that all over there will be people just like me, who suffer from anxiety and yet must get through this period of unease before we come out the other side.

So, what this rambling post was really about was taking stock and remembering that, although it might feel scary at the moment, the world has gone through tough times before, and it will be alright in the end, but talking to others about your concerns may help you to feel a little less alone in your worries.

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