Everything You Need to Consider When Planning a Wedding

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Planning a wedding is a notoriously difficult task. But if you’re planning on having a wedding and want to make a big deal of the event, it’s something you’re going to have to face up to at some point or another. Now, there are big things and little things that you’ll have to plan. This can span from major necessities like a venue to tiny details like centerpieces for tables, gifts for guests and matching pyjamas for the bridesmaids.

The extent you go to with the small details depends entirely on your personal taste and preferences. But one thing that tends to face many of us when we start planning our wedding is procrastination. It’s easy to put anxiety to rest and actually power through with your planning if you really put your mind to it though. A good way to get started is to make a list of all the things you need to get through. This can be daunting, but it gives you a good starting point and will make sure you don’t miss anything out. Here are a few areas that you should consider putting on your list!


The Venue

Let’s start by taking a look at the biggest purchase you’re likely to make when it comes to your wedding – the venue. Wedding venues are an essential. After all, if you don’t have a place to get married, you can’t get married at all!

Stay at Home or Head Overseas?

Location is a major factor when it comes to your wedding venue. It will determine who can attend your wedding, as well as the overall look and feel of the entire day. The majority of people tend to have their weddings close to home, so all their family and friends can attend. However, if you have a sense of adventure about you or are looking for sun, sea and sand on your wedding day, you can always have it a little further away – or even overseas. You will have to bear in mind, however, that if you’re going overseas, the wedding event will probably have to be a little more intimate, as not everyone will necessarily be able to get time off work, childcare, or have the spare cash for an extra holiday. The good news is you can always have a reception when you get back though!

Venue Type

Once you have a location, you can start looking at venues in that area. There are so many different venue types that choosing will have to fall entirely down to personal preference. Many people opt for church weddings. However, you will likely have to make sure that you are a member of the church prior to the wedding itself to be granted permission to be wed there. Others prefer mansion weddings, where they rent a grand space and get married within that. Then there are alternatives, like weddings in the woods, weddings at festivals, weddings on beaches, in cinemas, theatres, and much more. This can be a truly personalised aspect of your big day!


Of course, you’re also going to have to consider the availability of the venue you want. Many will have extensive waiting lists and you’ll have to determine whether you’re willing to put your wedding off and place it further down the line to have the venue you really want. When an appropriate date comes up on a high demand venue that you’ve set your heart on, make sure to book it. You can get nervous and want to put things off, but someone else will just snap it up!

Guest Lists

If you have a venue booked, you can draw up your guest list. You’ll know exactly how many people can fit into the venue and then you can pick and choose guests accordingly. If you have a tiny venue, you might want to keep the event to your nearest and dearest. If you have a huge venue, you’ll want to invite enough people to bring the space to life! Here are some other tips and tricks that you might want to consider when drawing up your guest lists.

Saving the Environment

It’s traditional and formal to send out paper invites, but if you are bringing the environment into mind, you may want to consider alternatives. Consider recycled paper invites or you may want to invite people online. Of course, we’re not saying to set up a Facebook event for your wedding, as if it’s some casual get together. But you could create a webpage that you send to invitees. This can be interactive and can involve an RSVP option. People are much more likely to get back to you at the click of a button, rather than reading an invite and then having to get back in touch with you independently. Quicker responses mean better planning too!


Traditional Invites

If you want to stick to a traditional invite, it’s a good idea to have your invites made by specialists. They’ll have experience and are more likely to create an invite that meets your expectations first time round. They’re also likely to have specialist equipment like paper cutters and laser cutters that can make pretty and intricate designs!


You’re going to want pictures of your big day. Of course, guests are likely to have their phones out capturing candid moments from beginning to end. But you’re also going to want some professional photos taken that capture you and your partner in the best light possible. This is where you need a professional like Vittore Buzzi with extensive experience in wedding photography. There’s often only moments to capture the right shot, so you don’t want to leave this huge responsibility to a novice. A pro will know the best lighting, have the best equipment, and will be fast on their feet, capturing the key moments of your big day. They’ll also be able to edit and package your pictures perfectly, so you have some amazing keepsakes to share with your friends and family.

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Catering is another area of huge importance. Your guests are going to be with you all day, so you’re going to need to feed them something! Remember to always cater to everyone’s dietary needs and preferences, so nobody has to go hungry. These are a few different options you have available to you!


Canapes are a wedding classic. They’re small nibbles that are often carried around on trays by wedding staff and offered around at regular intervals throughout the day. They keep hunger at bay without having to dedicate time to a sit down meal.

Sit Down Meals

Of course, you can offer a sit down meal. This is a popular option for small weddings with only a few guests, as it’s quite expensive and the costs can mount up if you’re not careful and have many mouths to feed. Sit down meals create a sophisticated feel to the day and also give everyone a chance to sit down and rest. Create a good seating plan so people can mingle and have a good proper conversation whoever they’re sat next to.


Buffets are a firm favourite at bigger weddings. It’s an easy way to give everyone something they’ll like at a lower cost. It also reduces waiting times, so nobody’s sat waiting for their food for what can feel like hours.

Food Vans

Street food is increasingly popular and people have grown to love it over the past few years. They can be a cute and unique touch to your big day. We don’t have to mean burger vans. We can consider the quaint vans with healthy and delicious options that you often find at music festivals!

Novelty Machines

Novelty machines tend to bring out the kid in all of us. A chocolate fondue with different bits and bobs to dip in is a real crowd pleaser and a really low cost form of dessert.


Remember your guests need to drink too. You can have an open bar if you really want to get the party going, or you can have soft drinks if you want to keep things a little more calm and composed!

These, of course, are just a few areas to focus on. Each can have a huge impact on your big day, so choose with care and put plenty of consideration into proceedings. Things should go swimmingly!

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