Tourist Advice: How to Keep Your Jewellery Safe

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Any popular tourist area has the downside of potential pick pockets, regardless of where you are in the world. London is widely regarded as a safe city, but if you’re a visitor it’s still worth taking precautions to make sure you protect your belongings, particularly your jewellery.

Here are three tips for tourists on how to keep your jewellery safe during your visit to London:

1. Take out Insurance

If you have a particularly valuable piece of jewellery that you’re taking on your trip, like diamond earrings for example, it may be worth taking out an insurance policy before you travel as it will protect you in a worst-case scenario of theft or loss. 

Top tip – if your jewellery has been purchased from a retailer like F. Hinds, they will often provide a free valuation for insurance purposes. Also, it may also be useful to take photos of the items beforehand as you may need these for reference if anything should happen to them.

2. Be Prepared and Stay Vigilant

It could be useful to do a little research before your trip so that you’re aware of the areas where thieves are likely to operate and the ways in which they do so. For example, you should be careful if someone approaches you in an overly friendly way,and it is not advised for you to ask for directions from someone on the street.

Another way in which you can prepare is by making sure you have a suitable handbag that can’t be easily accessed. We advise taking a bag that has a zip or one that can be kept close to your body.

3. Store Valuable Items Safely

If you’re precious about a certain item of jewellery, you should make use of your hotel safe and keep them lockedaway when you’re not wearing them.

On a special occasion where you want to wear your jewellery, you could buy something to safely store it in whilst en-route, like a small jewellery box for example, and then put it on upon your arrival. Investing in something like this will also make sure that your jewellery remains safe and undamaged whilst it’s in your handbag.

All in all, it comes down to common sense when you’re travelling around a busy tourist area and you should be aware that you may be a target for pick pockets if you have on anexcess of expensive jewellery. However, that isn’t to say that you shouldn’t be able to wear your favourite pieces if you want to. The most important thing is to be sensible and remain aware of your surroundings; this will soon become second nature and you’ll be able to enjoy your trip and keep your valuables safe at the same time.

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