Why You Need a Membership to English Heritage or National Trust (Or Both)

Sometimes it can be a struggle to find things to do with the children at the weekend and during the school holidays. We don’t have a huge amount of disposable income so there is a limit to the activities we can do. My mum is a member of the English Heritage, and has added me and the children to it, which means we are able to go out together and explore.

During the summer holidays we went on a minibreak to one of our favourite parts of the UK, the Lake District, and we ended up signing up for a membership with the National Trust ourselves (and my mum did as well). Although I thought it was out of budget to pay for an annual membership upfront, we have opted to pay monthly, and it works out at just over £10 a month for the 12 months, which is really quite reasonable.

Since signing up we have been making the most of our membership and have already visited quite a few properties across England and Wales, when we went there with the children in August. There are a few properties nearby to us in Dorset, including Corfe Castle and Brownsea Island, so we have plenty to keep us occupied without the need to travel too far.

I love that when we are visiting different areas of the country, there are lots of properties all over, meaning we automatically have some days out that won’t cost us anything, which makes breaks more affordable for a family of five. We are looking into a little trip to visit my brother in County Durham in a few months and I am already looking into which places we can go to whilst we are up there.

If you are considering a National Trust or English Heritage membership, I would definitely recommend it. There are quite often events on throughout the year, as well as free parking for members, and the chance to learn about our country’s history in a fun, interactive way. The children are big fans, and we are too.

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