How The Self Care Trend is Influencing 2020’s Interior Trends

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It is both a blessing and a curse that we’re always connected to the outside world. Whether it’s smartphones we’re addicted to or our wearable fitness tracking devices, our technology-obsessed selves are always switched on.

It’s because of this obsession that self-care has become such a big lifestyle trend in 2019. Too many people have been failing to look after themselves, spending too much time with their heads buried into apps and devices, constantly being connected.

How often do you put your devices down and just enjoy the moment? Probably not as often as you would like.

We’re all aware of the effects this has on our sleep, but being glued to technology also affects everyday moods, health and well-being. As the self-care trend is slowly seeping into workplaces, it more recently has been having an effect on home interiors, where decor, interior design and architecture is starting to reflect this huge lifestyle trend.  

Let’s have a look at how interiors are now using influencers from self-care to shape our home for 2020:

Crystal Therapy

As self-care is now one of the biggest wellness trends of 2019, it’s no surprise that home designers and brands are looking at crystal-inspired decor. Accessories and home wear items adorned with crystal features are set to have a major moment for 2020, as more people take an interest in crystal therapy.

Across the home and living industries, more people are searching for items that uniquely incorporate crystals, without looking tacky. The most popular way that crystals are being brought into the interior design world is via kitchen equipment, like serving utensils, chopping boards, place mats and even certain vases.

As crystal therapy allows you to connect to a quieter world and really focus on your mind, having crystal adorned items around the home will remind you of the wellness trend. Certain colours of crystals also signify to slow down and practice deep breathing too.

More natural light

The beauty of having natural light flowing through the home is at the very heart of the interiors self-care well trend. The majority of people tend to feel clearer and more relaxed when surrounded by natural lighting, improving moods and lifting those feelings of depression.

With some homes, the sun will either spend more time at the front of the house or at the back, and there really is nothing you can do about this. However, with larger windows and more opportunities for natural light to come through, you are instantly allowing that flow to come into the home.

Due to this, more homes are being designed with floor to ceiling external bi-fold doors which let the light in. You can find examples of these here. More glass ceiling conservatories are being added onto houses, and homes with skylights fitted to the ceilings of loft conversions are also being designed.

Bringing the office home

Thanks to more flexible working, we are becoming a nation who are starting to work from home more often. This is slowly leading to our homes being designed with working areas in mind.

With this comes elements of wellness and self-care, where home offices and bedrooms are  designed to create comfortable environments, allowing space for desks and various office equipment


As sitting at desks for long periods of time being bad for our posture and bodies, the sit/stand desking set up is coming through into new furniture trends. Homes are also becoming equipped with USB charging ports around the house, including other facilities such as wireless charging ports, privacy screens, cable tidies and integrated lighting.

Indoor nature

It’s often said that the presence of nature has been proven to increase concentration and productivity levels, and overall making us feel better in ourselves.

By having elements of the outdoors and nature in our homes, it can help remind us to take time out and appreciate real beauty. One trend coming through for next year is plywood edging being applied to desks and other furnishing details. Another is the use of straw entwined into kitchen, bedroom and living room accessories, like woven baskets.

Overall, you’ll find the addition of natural textures and finishes in the home ensures that clean, modern look which embraces raw materials throughout.

Pods and partitions

Whilst it’s clear that open-plan is still one of the most preferred home layouts, it can give the look and feel of limited privacy and echoing acoustics. As we become more aware of taking time out to look after ourselves and enjoy ‘me’ time, homes are starting to be designed with certain pods and partitions, making way for the privacy we desire.

Look out for pretty partition screens which can be placed in the centre of rooms to create two separate spaces. You’ll also start to see the rise in beanbags and scatter cushions, encouraging people to create a comfortable space to take time and out and relax.

Above all, self-care and wellness have become one of the fastest-growing trends within interior design for 2019. It looks set to remain strong and develop further throughout 2020, incorporating factors which aim to remind us to take more time out and look after our minds and bodies.

This is a guest collaborative post.

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