An Exclusive Tasting of The Stable Cider Awards Finalists

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Last week, the Bournemouth Bloggers headed along to The Stable Bournemouth for an exclusive tasting of the ten finalist ciders in the company’s Cider Awards, which are ongoing until September. Cider Expert for The Stable, Ross, was on hand to guide us through the ciders, providing a wealth of information about each one and the cider making process in general.

Ross was joined by two team members, who helped supervise, and provided the group with yummy pizzas, salads and sides to enjoy alongside the drinks.

We were also given paper and a pen and encouraged to make notes as we went along. It was interesting how everybody’s opinions differed for each cider we tasted. Some people would love one, whilst others found it wasn’t for them.

During the evening, we were given the chance to pour our own cider from the portable bar, taste lemons and sugar water to feel the difference in our mouths, and we were coached in the art of cider ‘throwing’, which is harder to get the hang of than it looks!

The team were so accommodating, and made sure we were well looked after throughout the evening. Ross really knew his stuff, and you could tell how passionate he was about his job, and the awards. He has personally met the producers of each of the cider finalists, and it was lovely to hear a little about how each cider production differed to give them their individual tastes.

At the end of the evening we were able to vote for our favourite cider in the awards. For me, it was a no-brainer, my favourite by far had been the Nightingale Night Bird – a light cider which reminded me a little of white wine. It was easy to drink, and less strong and fruity than the other ciders.

I had a really lovely evening and, for somebody who isn’t usually a cider drinker, Ross managed to find me a cider I enjoy, which makes it a success in my eyes!

The Bournemouth Bloggers were provided with a complimentary tasting event, however all words and images are my own. 

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