Going on Holiday as a Multi-Generational Family

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My family has always been close knit. We love nothing more than a big celebration, where we have the chance to get together and catch up. I see my mum almost every day, and my nan at least once a week. It may not come as a surprise, therefore, that we have all been on holiday together, taking my own children along with us too.

Having grown up in a single parent family, with my nan and grandad taking my mum, brother and I along with them on holiday, I think it’s lovely that we go away with my nan now that I have children of my own.

One of Cameron’s favourite holidays was a half term break away to Spain a few years ago. We stayed in a hotel on the seafront, and it was so nice to relax and make memories together.

My nan is now in her eighties, but she still has so much energy and proves that older people still love to travel. One of my fondest memories from that particular trip was us going up to watch paella being made around the hotel bar and helping ourselves to more than a few glasses of complimentary white wine.

As my mum doesn’t drink, I always enjoy sharing a bottle of wine with my nan, even when we make dubious decisions such as buying a 2 euro bottle (it was not pleasant, unsurprisingly).

When Ed and I got married two years ago on the beautiful island of Santorini, I was proud to have my nan stood with me as one of my bridesmaids. Perhaps a little unorthodox, but I knew I wanted to share that special day with her.

As well as holidays abroad, we have also gone away in the UK with my nan, including stays in holiday parks. Last year we explored the Lake District together, which was another enjoyable trip. My mum even babysat one night and Ed and I took my nan to the on-site bar for a couple of drinks on our last night.

Although we don’t take along my nan, or my mum, on every holiday we go on, I wouldn’t think twice about inviting them along on our travels. In fact, we are looking to book another European break, hopefully later on in the year, and have already asked if my mum would like to join us.

It may not be for everyone, but for us, sharing our holidays across the generations is really special, and I will cherish the memories from these trips for many years to come.

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