A Family Visit to Mr Mulligan’s Bournemouth – Review

So you might remember me mentioning previously that I attended the launch event for Mr Mulligans when it first opened in Bournemouth. I loved how vibrant and fun the venue was with its three themed courses to choose from, and the chance to enjoy a drink as you went around the holes. I was recently invited back in to try out the courses with Ed and the kids, so that I could share our thoughts on the venue as a family.

Here’s what we enjoyed about Mr Mulligan’s…

Three Themed Courses

Mr Mulligans in Bournemouth has three 9 hole miniature golf courses. These are all individually themed, and you can choose to play one course or all three. Our favourite was the Apolocalyptic Course, which is downstairs by the restaurant area, next to the Krypton Course.

Attention to Detail

Each course has been well thought out and there is plenty to look at as you walk around including a full bath tub, a tv playing vintage cartoons and mini disco balls that slowly spin within a cylinder. The kids loved exploring as we walked around and there was plenty for me to take photos of!

Clubs to Suit all Sizes

I love it when adventure golf venues offer a wide range of club sizes rather than just big or small. There was a club to suit myself and Ed, one for Cameron and even a miniature one to suit Benjamin and Carly.

Inventive Holes

Rather than sticking to the same old formulas, Mr Mulligans isn’t afraid to try something new and there are plenty of inventive holes to keep you on your toes as you make your way around the courses. I particularly enjoyed a hole on the Comic Course, which is insanely hard but somehow I managed to get a hole in one on it on the launch night (definitely couldn’t do it again when we went back!). There is also a really fun shot at the end of the same course, where the hole doubles up as football table. The kids loved it, and Ed got very competitive on this one!

Yummy Food

After we finished playing, it was time to try out the food in the on-site restaurant. Ed went for a mixture of a starter and side in place of a meal and I had the pizza with additional toppings. The kids all had chicken and chips with beans and the portion sizes were really generous, without being overwhelming for little tummies. Kids eat free when purchasing adult meals, which makes the restaurant really affordable for families.

We were provided with complimentary golf and meals for the purpose of this review, however all words and images are my own. 

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