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Working from home, you might think my wardrobe consists only of jeans and t-shirts. After all, one of the perks of being self-employed and working from my laptop means I am not constricted by a uniform or rules when it comes to dressing for the day. However, I do like to dress for business as I feel it gets me in the right frame of mind.

Staying in your pyjamas, however tempting, can be detrimental to getting your work done. If you’re dressed for bed, there’s a chance your brain will think you are going to bed and switch off for the day.

I also attend networking events from time to time, and conduct meetings with local venues and marketing companies and, for these occasions, I don’t like to dress casually as I feel it can make me look like I am not taking myself of them seriously.

My workwear style usually consists of a floaty dress or a smart trouser and colourful blouse combination and is always topped off with a nice blazer. There is something I find so motivating about a good blazer. It can transform an outfit and to me it gives me the confidence to pitch myself to others.

Bonmarche have a fantastic range of blazers in their workwear range. Rather than sticking to plain black, navy and grey, they offer bright and bold shades perfect for adding a pop of colour to your work wardrobe. I have my eye on the red colour – sure to brighten up even the greyest of days.

Having a selection of ‘office appropriate’ outfits in my wardrobe also means that, should I ever decide to head back into the world of employment, I won’t be caught short when it comes to dressing for interviews.

Working from home, I figure I have the best of both worlds, I can dress up when I mean business, and pull on my comfy clothes when I want to take it easy on myself.

What is your work from home workwear style?

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