Benjamin at 2 Years – An Update

Benjamin turned two back in October and I realised I hadn’t posted an update in awhile so thought it would be nice to catch you up with how he’s developing. If you are interested in following his journey, you can see regular updates from when he was born. Here’s what’s been going on in his life lately.


Benjamin confidently climbs up and down stairs, will run around and walk happily for periods of time when outside. He is independent and will only go in his pushchair when he is tired. He loves going outside for walks with his brother and sister and really enjoys picking them up from school,  often running into Carly’s class to collect her, grabbing her lunchbox from her to carry home at the same time.


Despite now trying to stop breastfeeding twice, Benjamin still feeds from me around a couple of times a day. I am almost certain he is not really getting anything from me at this point, but merely doing it out of habit and for comfort. He will feed more often when he is feeling overtired and upset. I have no immediate plans to stop again but I will be looking at trying in the next few months.


Benjamin used to have such a fantastic appetite and would try just about anything. Lately he has become a lot fussier, especially at breakfast and lunch, although he also tends to stick to his meat at dinnertime and will not try something if he isn’t in the mood or has decided he doesn’t want it. It is really frustrating when he has been good in the past at eating a variety of things but I have spoken with a health visitor who has said not to worry at this stage and just go with the flow. He does like meals like pasta and curry, and he will often steal food from us including fairly spicy chilli and fajita dishes.


Benjamin is still not talking very much. He is definitely behind at this point and I am worried. I spoke with the health visitor who has said she will leave it another three months before she sees him again regarding his delayed speech. In the meantime we have been advised to simply encourage him when he does talk and try and converse with him as much as possible.

He does seem to be showing signs of improvement. Recently he has started joining two or three words together, and he annunciates better as well. I think a big thing has been him making a friend at his messy play group as he is copying some of what the little boy is saying and learning that way. He’s picked up some random words from us which he says often too including Eeyore and Bird Box, bizarrely!


Benjamin is in age 2-3 clothes, although he can still fit in some of his 18-24 month jeans as he has quite short legs and a slim waist. He has a real sense of style already and will let me know if he is not happy with my outfit choice for him, often picking clothes out for himself. He prefers hoodies to jumpers, as he doesn’t like them going over his head, and he loves a good slogan or character on his t-shirts too.


I think Benjamin was teething again recently as he kept holding onto his mouth, biting his sleeve and getting agitated lately. He has so many teeth now, it’s hard to keep track of which ones are yet to come through. He is generally brilliant and will not make a huge amount of fuss when he gets a new one, mainly getting clingier with me.


As I have mentioned, Benjamin is fiercely independent. He has a temper and will get frustrated and angry when trying to talk if we don’t immediately understand what it is he is trying to say. He is incredibly loving, often giving out random hugs and kisses to all of us. He will also show me what he wants throughout the day, whether that is needing to go to the potty, have his nappy changed or get something to eat or drink.

He loves CBeebies and will happily watch that or Peppa Pig whilst I am working from home. He still loves his Little Learners class, which we go to every week, and he also enjoys playing with his toys and play-dough, reading books and drawing. He has a brilliant sense of humour, and everyone he meets is taken with him.

I am so proud of all he has achieved so far and the little boy he is turning out to be.

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