Mummy Mondays – Superhero Snap to the Rescue

Ok, for some reason I though that when January finally ended (how come that month always seems ten times longer than all the others?), that this horrible cold and wet weather we have been having here in the UK would somehow go away. Unfortunately it didn’t and I am finding myself running out of activities to entertain the kids.

Fortunately I was recently sent over the Superhero Snap game by Laurence King Publishers, and it has been a bit of a lifesaver at the weekends and during that awkward couple of hours in between school and dinner time when the children don’t quite know what to do with themselves.

Superhero Snap, created by Jason Ford, is pretty much the same concept as any other game of snap, so the kids (and me) picked it up quickly.

The game itself is lovely and bright, with beautiful illustrations and nice sturdy cards (always a bonus when my heavy handed children are involved).

Carly and Cameron are at an age now where they can sit and play games like this nicely without our help, which is really lovely to observe.

The game can get a bit competitive, but I find they don’t argue over it nearly as much as they do with Top Trumps, and they are happy to play over and over again without getting bored – an absolute lifesaver when I need to get the dinner prepped!

The only problem I have is that Benjamin is not quite at an age where he can get involved. In fact, the children have had to take to the dining room table to get away from his Godzilla like stomping.

I recently played the game with Carly when she was feeling a bit poorly and had stayed off school, and she really loved showing me how to play the game, and took much pleasure when she beat me as well!

Superhero Snap is priced at £7.99, which I think is very reasonable, and would make a perfect present for all those birthday parties kids tend to get invited to during the school year.

The illustrated gift range also includes a Superhero Comic Kit, Superhero Adventure Playset, The Super Book for Superheroes and the Superhero Handbook, which I know the kids would love as well.

We were kindly sent the Superhero Snap game for the purpose of this review, however all opinions and photos are my own. 

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