Mummy Mondays – Gaining Confidence in the Water with Swimfin

Ever since I was young I’ve always been a bit hesitant when it comes to swimming pools. Although I love to go swimming now, I still don’t put my face in or under the water, and I think that this has had a bit of a detrimental affect on the children’s attitude towards the water too.

Although Carly had a few swimming lessons as a newborn (she even went underwater during lessons), she hasn’t been back in years and never got confident enough to swim unaided.

It’s one of my biggest regrets that I didn’t keep the lessons up for her (or the boys), as she’s still so nervous in the pool. I fully intend on starting the children back with lessons soon, but in the meantime my aim is to get Carly’s confidence back in the water.

Carly’s had her eye on Swimfin ever since we saw a friend’s daughter with one in the local pool a few months ago, so when I was offered one to review, I knew Carly would be pleased!

The Swimfin arrived last week and Carly couldn’t wait to get to the pool and try it out. We headed over at the weekend, and Carly was so excited to wear her fin in the pool.

The fin is really easy to attach, simply adjust the straps until held in a comfortably firm position and secure with the velcro, and Carly loved the fact that it helped her to float in the water. Carly can get clingy in the water if she’s out of her depth, but with the fin on she felt able to let go and really enjoy her time in the pool.

We encouraged her to kick her legs, and before long she was attempting to swim across the pool, really proud of herself and having a brilliant time in the water.

Carly’s always loved pretending to be animals, so she enjoyed the fact that she ‘looked like a shark’, and she made her baby brother giggle pretending to snap at him.

Floatation devices have come under fire in the past for hindering rather than helping children learn to swim, but for somebody like Carly, who needs to regain her confidence in the water before attempting to properly swim, I think the Swimfin is perfect.

It’s also the world’s only vertical swim aid and, as it’s worn on the back, it allows full use of the arms and body to be able to freely move through the water. This also helps to encourage a natural swimming position.

The Swimfin is recommended for use from 18 months, which is great if your little one is just getting used to the water. It would be fantastic to pack for a holiday too, for added peace of mind and entertainment in the pool. I’ll definitely be packing it for our cruise this summer!

The Swimfin is available direct from the Swimfin website, and comes in a range of bright colours (we have the pink, but I also love the purple and marble designs), the Swimfin is priced at £22.99 (with free postage & packaging).

There are also lots of other products available on the website including coloured straps to customise your Swimfin, novelty floats, swimming caps and backpacks.

We were sent the Swimfin for the purpose of this post, however all thoughts and photos are my own.

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