Mummy Mondays – Benjamin’s 6 Month Update 

How has half a year gone by since I was induced and Benjamin came into the world just a few hours later? It seems absolutely crazy how fast time has gone by but at the same time I can’t imagine life without Benjamin in it. 

As Benjamin turns 6 months, his development is coming on brilliantly, it seems he’s changing everyday and I’m so proud of my littlest little man! 


Benjamin is still teething, and still hasn’t got any actual teeth! He is constantly chewing on anything he can get his hands on including his socks, his sleeves, his bibs and his toys, plus anyone’s fingers who get close enough to his mouth. I’m hoping he gets at least one tooth soon as it’s been a long, hard time coming! 

Having started sleeping through the night, Benjamin has now regressed and is waking at least once in the night but sometimes two or three times, and I’m struggling to cope with the lack of sleep. I’m hoping it could be linked to him not filling up on milk alone anymore and that as we start weaning him, he might go for a little longer at night, but who knows, maybe we’re just unlucky and have a boy who doesn’t need much sleep… 


Benjamin doesn’t crawl yet, but he is able to shuffle along if he wants something. He’s also mastered rolling, after being a bit of a slow starter on that front, and will now happily roll over and get into the commando crawl position. He does it in his cot in the middle of the night and then gets his legs stuck in the cot bars – silly boy! I don’t think it’ll be too much longer until he properly moves, although with a holiday to Spain in a month I am quite happy for him to hold off a little longer to make things less dangerous by the pool! 


Benjamin still loves bathtime. Just the sound of running water makes him squeal with excitement, and he happily splashes around in the bath for as long as we let him. I really need to take him swimming this month to get him ready for the holiday, although I’m sure he will love it judging by how much he enjoys the bath! 


Benjamin will say dadda, hi, yes and oh now, but still not mumma! Grr! I’m sure he will master it soon. He is very vocal in general these days and knows how to make himself heard! 

Benjamin had his very first little meal on Easter Sunday and although he found it a little strange to be eating up at the table with us, he really enjoyed chewing on the lamb especially. 

On Friday I stocked up on low salt alternatives and natural ingredients so this week Benjamin will be having his dinner with us at the table for his first full week of baby led weaning. His highchair is up ready and I’m very excited (and nervous) to start this new journey with him. 

We eat fairly healthily as a family, but I do tend to use jars of sauce or packets of pre-mixed spices, so I’m looking forward to making things totally from scratch a bit more now. Im also using my baby led weaning cookbook and blogs by other baby led weaning mummies to make some special snacks for him. This week is savoury muffins – wish me luck! 
Baby Groups

We’ve become regulars at our local buggy walk along the beach, although we’ve missed the last couple due to the Easter break, but I haven’t ventured out to any other groups. I’m not that bothered though, I don’t enjoy them and I don’t want to put too much pressure on myself when my depression and anxiety is still quite bad. I’m happy that we get out of the house each week and we’ve started to make new friends on our walks. 


I am awful at getting Benjamin weighed so I’m not sure what his weight is now, but he’s definitely continuing to grow. He’s a fairly greedy baby when it comes to milk, I think because he relies on me for comfort when teething as well as for a food source, but I’m sure he will continue filling out now he’s started solids as well. He’s firmly in age 6-9 months clothes and on his top half 9-12 months doesn’t drown him either. 


Benjamin hasn’t made proper friends just yet but he will be close to his baby cousin Isla who was born just a few months after him. As she lives up in County Durham they have only met twice so far, but I reckon they are going to be such good friends when they grow up… 


Benjamin has now started using his door bouncer, which he seemed to enjoy. He has also been on a carousel and a couple of other small fairground type rides at a little theme park we visited over the Easter break. His little eyes lit up when the carousel started up! 


Benjamin is such a little character. He has really started to know what he wants and how to get it, and he’s much more cuddly too, giving so many smiles and hugs to those who love him – it’s really lovely to see. 

When Benjamin is upset about something, he makes sure you know it, but he is also fairly content on his own playing with his toys now that he knows what to do with them a bit more. He’s happiest when he has plenty of attention, from his brother and sister, or from other family members. 

My little boy has already grown up so much. As he continues to grow, I’m really excited to see his development continue.

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