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The kids broke up from school a week and a half ago, and the 6 week summer break began. Fortunately, with Ed being a teacher now and working freelance myself, we are able to spend the holidays with the kids. This is what we’ve got planned for the summer…
Camp Bestival
By the time you read this, we will have already returned from Camp Bestival, but I wanted to include it as it was something super special, which we hadn’t done before as a family, and the perfect way to kick start the summer holidays! We had weekend tickets, and decided to camp, which was certainly an experience with the three kids!
Family Cruise
We are actually on the cruise right now as this post was scheduled in advance! A cruise is not something we would have thought of doing, had I not won a trip with MSC, but it’s been something the kids have been extremely excited about for months since we told them about it. We go to France and Germany, and spend three days exploring the fjords in Norway, and I am so excited to make memories to last a lifetime with the children and Ed.
All the Attractions
We have planned some trips to both CBeebies Land in Alton Towers, and the Tower of London for August, and I am really excited to explore new places with the children. The kids are so excited for CBeebies Land, and I think Benjamin will really enjoy it as well.
Beach Days
As we live by the sea, we are lucky to have beautiful beaches just a short car journey away. We do tend to avoid the beach during summer though, as it gets so busy with tourists, and the traffic is just awful at peak times, but I want to make the effort and go along. We tend to wait until later in the day to go, as it’s generally easier to park, and less packed down there, plus a bit cooler for the children if the weather is hot.
Splash Pool
We live right by one of the local splash pools, and the kids love it. It’s such an easy, budget friendly option for summer, and I know we will be spending a lot of our time down there before the kids go back to school.

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