Mummy Monday – Benjamin Turns One Month 

How is my baby already a month old? It seems crazy how fast time goes when you aren’t heavily pregnant and wishing the days away anymore! 

Benjamin turned one month on Friday and I seriously feel like I’ve blinked and missed the past month. I think it’s because he’s going to be my last baby that I feel I need to bottle up the emotions of these first months and cherish them. 

Although he’s my third baby, I feel very much like a new mum a lot of the time as it’s been 4 years since my daughter was a newborn. I tend to worry more than I remember with her. It doesn’t help that Benjamin has had a bad cold for the past week and therefore breathes funny sometimes. I’m constantly watching over him and making sure he’s alright. 

I’m starting to get into a proper routine in the mornings now with the elder two children and doing the school run and I feel a little more on top of things. I even managed to tidy and hoover the other day ready for discussions with estate agents about renting our house out. 

Breastfeeding has been going really well and Benjamin goes a few hours between feeds at nights so I’m feeling at least semi human in the daytime. I also try and have a short nap on the days when my schedule allows it, and it’s nice to take the time to snuggle up with Benjamin when I’m at home. 

I’m going out for the first time this weekend for a Christmas party so I will be expressing so that Ed’s mum is able to feed Benjamin for me. I am excited to feel a bit like me again for a night but I’m also terrified about leaving him with someone else after barely ever leaving his side for the past month. 

Benjamin is growing really well after being born fairly small. He’s now in up to 1 month clothes, having gone from small/tiny baby and he’s completely missed the newborn stage. We seem to have an actual mountain of clothes for him so I’m manically trying to get him to wear them all at least once before he grows again! 

It’s been hard buying things for him to wear over Christmas as his size generally sells out but I’m not sure whether he will still be up to 1 month or in 0-3 months by then. I seem to constantly be back in mothercare and next exchanging baby clothes at the moment. 

I swear Benjamin has started smiling, I don’t think it’s just wind, but until it’s been caught on camera I don’t think I’ll believe it. He seems to see me a little better now and his eyes focus around mine, which is so lovely as I feel he really knows me. He’s also started being more vocal now and will babble away happily. 

The best thing we have is his little ‘doughnut’ which he lies in whilst I’m eating my dinner or doing the hoovering around him. He loves it. He’s generally still an amazingly chilled out and baby and won’t cry unless he’s hungry. He is happiest when lying on my chest or feeding but he’s brilliant when with other people as well and will quite happily be passed around when we have visitors or at family occasions. 

I can’t wait for his first Christmas, although I know he won’t be aware at all, and I’ve kept his gifts to a complete minimum. It will be lovely to celebrate with our family of five though, the elder two are so excited! 

I had some newborn photos taken recently and I love the ones I’ve seen so far. Full review coming up! 

We are still co-sleeping at the moment, but we now have a moving date of mid January and when we’ve moved, we will put his cot up and he will go in there in our room. His Moses basket is a bit redundant but oh well. Being a parent is all about adapting where necessary after all. 

I’m looking forward to exercising again in the next few weeks. I’ve not really been pushing myself to lose weight as I want to enjoy Christmas before properly ‘dieting’ but my weight has been slowly but surely going down but I have a lot of excess skin around my tummy which I want to start getting rid of and toning up. 

I can’t wait to see what the next month will bring, but I’m hoping time won’t keep flying by so fast! 

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  1. Kirsty Dee

    I know I’ve said this like a million times, but he’s soooo cute! xxx


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