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If you follow me on social media, you’ll have seen that I’ve been feeling under the weather for the past few weeks. I have overworked myself, pushed myself too hard recently, and it has taken a toll on my health.

When I was invited along to the launch of the new HarSPA range of products and treatments, I jumped at the chance for a proper pamper and, last Thursday, I headed over to the Christchurch Harbour Hotel with Emma and Louise for the event.

Although I had been to the hotel before (we recently attended their outdoor Terrace launch with the Bournemouth Bloggers) it was my first time at the spa and I was blown away by how tranquil it was.

From the moment we arrived we were totally spoilt, with nothing too much trouble. After filling out a short form to let the therapists know about any existing medical conditions, we were provided with a canvas bag filled with a robe and slippers, and shown through to the changing rooms. We then got changed and walked through the spa to the harbour hideaway, which was our base for the day.

The hideaway is made up of a bright and spacious room, leading onto a decking area leading down to the harbour, with sun-loungers and cosy seating dotted around.

For the event, the room had been decorated with a beautiful baby blue colour scheme to match the branding of the HarSPA range, and at the bottom of the outdoor decking area, the hotel had installed freestanding letters to spell out the brand name, and we happily got to work snapping photos of everything and posing in front of the letters.

After several boomerangs with the helium balloons, we took our places at the table, the tea and coffee was poured and Victoria and the team explained to us what the HarSPA range is all about.

Made with naturally sourced marine elements and botanicals, the products in the range aim to promote purity and calm. A member of the team came round with the products for us to sample, and each one smelt incredible!

I’m not usually a big fan of skincare scents, as they are either overpowering or don’t smell of anything, but these ones were all gorgeous!

I especially liked the hand cream, which reminded me of summer afternoons, after spending the day in the sunshine, heading home with the smell of sun lotion lingering.

As well as smelling amazing, the products also promise results. The scrubs, in particular, felt like they were really doing something when I rubbed them into my legs, and the purity eye patch I tried felt so good!

Using products from the range, the HarSPA treatments aim to immerse mind, body and skin. There idea is that no matter which therapist you have, no matter which of the brand’s venues you are at, your treatment experience should be the same across the board.

We were given a list of four treatments to choose from including the radiant eye treatment, essential facial, sea salt body exfoliation and the invigorating back pamper, which is the one I went for, after much deliberation (I was very torn between that and the exfoliation).

We were then divided into two groups, with some heading off to have their treatments, and the rest of us going back down to the spa to relax and enjoy the facilities.

It was Louise’s very first spa day, and she was keen to try out the sauna so I went in with her. It was a huge achievement for me as my anxiety and claustrophobia has stopped me from using one for years.

Once I was in, I actually enjoyed it, and it really felt like it was doing my skin some good. Next we headed to the salt room, where the salts are released into the air, allowing minerals to be absorbed into your skin. I will admit, this one felt a little bizarre, but I would head back in there again as it was definitely relaxing.

Afterwards we had a dip in the jacuzzi, which was quite generously sized (we were in there with five other people at one point). The steam room was occupied so we didn’t use that one, and Louise wasn’t keen on going into the main pool so after the jacuzzi we headed back up onto the decking area to soak up some sun before it was time for our treatments.

We met out therapists in the relaxation area by the spa’s main entrance, and I was shown to my treatment room and left to get ready and onto the table. I have had a few massages, but this was different as it was focused just on the back and neck area, with a scrub and back mask applied alongside the massage.

I will admit, due to having a cold, it wasn’t the most enjoyable of experiences. This was through no fault of the therapist, just down to the huge pressure I felt in my sinuses by the end of the 55 minute treatment. I should have gone for a different treatment.

Having said this, the treatment was brilliant, and I definitely came out feeling pampered. I would return for the same treatment again, and will definitely be trying out the body exfoliation as well, as I heard great things from some of the other guests at the event.

After a quick change back into our clothes, we all headed back up to the hideaway, where a fantastic looking buffet was laid out for us.

Again, being totally honest, the food wasn’t really to my taste. It was very healthy and nutritious, in keeping with the natural branding, and I am not a big fan of whole food salads and sushi, so I struggled a little to find something I liked.

I was definitely in the minority there, and everybody else seemed to really enjoy the spread.

I did love the little smoothies, and the desserts were totally yummy – a rich chocolatey mousse made with avocado, and something with strawberries which was totally delicious.

After we’d finished eating, we were able to chat and enjoy the sunshine out on the decking before a group shot taken by the brilliant Matt Pinner to round of the day.

Photo credit: Matt Pinner

It was such a lovely event, and I came away feeling totally relaxed and pampered, especially when we were given totally generous goody bags as we left with the products from the range for us to try out at home.

Photo credit: Matt Pinner

I have already used some of the them and am looking forward to having a proper pamper session with the scrubs and face masks soon!

If you are local or are looking for a break away and fancy somewhere to go for your next spa day I would totally recommend Christchurch Harbour Hotel. Not only is the location absolutely picturesque, the treatments are brilliant, and the spa is one of the best I have visited in the area.

I was invited along the launch event for the new HarSPA range with the Bournemouth Bloggers, however all words and photos are my own.

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