5 Things – I Vlogged my Daily Life for a Week and This is What I Discovered

Last week I did something I hadn’t done in a long time. I videoed my daily life with the plan of creating a weekly vlog. Unfortunately, my laptop got a virus and I didn’t get round to uploading it… but anyway, I learnt a few things about myself during my week in front of the lens…

I Struggle to Talk in Public

I have anxiety and, although I can just about keep it at bay most of the time, I really, really struggled talking to the camera in public. In fact, during the 36 minutes of the vlog, i only spoke to the camera a handful of times, and generally only when away from others. I know it’s probably something you get used to the more you do it, but I honestly can’t see myself becoming confident enough to do it.

My Life is a Bit Like Groundhog Day at Times

Fortunately the week I ended up vlogging involved a couple of events, as my actual day to day life is generally pretty repetitive. I ended up avoiding videoing parts of my day that seemed too similar, and imagine that if I did this regularly, I would end up with very limited footage as most of my days are taken up with YouTube Boxercise, working on my phone and laptop, doing the school run, cooking dinner and watching Netflix… *yawn*

Video is Much More Invasive

Over the years I’ve gotten used to the blogger lifestyle of constantly documenting my actions, however vlogging takes it to a whole other level. I felt like I didn’t get much time to myself during the week as I shoved the camera in my face at every turn.

Whereas before I would be taking photos of my surroundings, my food and those I was with, now I was also stepping in front of the lens, and talking about what I was getting up to. It became quite invasive, and I’m not sure how I would feel about doing it regularly.

I Have No Patience for Editing

At the end of the week (well, Friday, but I couldn’t face continuing into the weekend) I merrily signed off the vlog with Harrison after a trip to McDonald’s (obviously) and then the real work began.

Editing is not something I find easy. Give me a topic for a blog post and I can have something with you within the hour, but give me footage to cut down, add music to and create an engaging video and I will struggle.

The most annoying thing about not getting the vlog up in the end is how much time I spent creating a video I was happy to share (spoiler, it was a lengthy process).

Vlogging Pushes Me Outside my Comfort Zone More

I realise this post has been largely negative so far. Although I enjoy watching weekly vlogs, I can’t pretend I find making my own a simple process. However, I realised that by documenting my week in video, I was inclined to get out there and do more.

This meant that I said yes to more things, I made the most of every event I was invited to, and I spent less time behind my laptop screen and more time enjoying my week. It’s not something I think I could commit to doing every week, but I think that filming myself every so often will really help me to live life more fully. Who knows, maybe Instagram TV will give me the platform to do this?

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