Celebrating World Gin Day with Ginjams

Last Saturday was World Gin Day. Now, if you regularly read the blog you’ll know that I am not the biggest of gin fans, much preferring a glass of wine or prosecco.

However, when Ginjams in Westbourne invited the Bournemouth Bloggers along on the Sunday for a private gin tasting to celebrate the occasion, I thought I would give it a go. I had, after all, previously been to the Gin Festival, and discovered that it wasn’t gin I disliked, but tonic.

Ginjams is situated in the centre of Westbourne and my first impression was that it seemed quite small, until we were shown through to the back, where we discovered nooks and crannies that were totally Instagrammable (I mean, seriously, how cute are those palette shelves and that geometric print is just gorgeous)!

There is even a small back garden area, again filled with the cutest of decor, and the hallway and toilet areas have totally on trend palm prints.

Getting back to the gin. Ginjams has a vast selection on offer from local brands to flavoured varieties and some more far flung varieties (I tried one from the mediterranean which was delicious).

As well as plenty of gin to keep us going, there were also row upon row of Fever Tree tonics to compliment the gins.

One of the managers, Chris, introduced us to the venue and their ethos, before advising us on which gin to go for, along with staff members who were all impressively knowledgable about which gin we would like, and which tonic was the best to pair with it. Chris also handed us a little gin ‘passport’ to record the gins we tried – so cute.

Although I did try a couple of tonics, I much preferred the lemonade. There was also a huge selection of garnishes to finish the drinks off, including fresh fruits and herbs.

I must admit, it was nice to have a change from my rather boring glasses of wine in comparison, although my drinks were slightly less pretty due to the cloudiness of the lemonade.

Around an hour into our tasting, the venue opened up for other people, and there was a lovely atmosphere, with everybody experimenting with different gins.

As well as its drink, Ginjams serve a selection of tapas style snacks. For the tasting, they had laid out a few of these for us to try and I couldn’t get enough of the chilli cheese – totally moreish, and fantastic with or without crackers.

During the course of the afternoon I tasted a grand total of six gins – the Fresha Strawberry, Botanic, Conker, Pinkster Raspberry, Tarquin’s Blackberry and the Gin Mare mediterranean gin. My favourite was the strawberry gin, closely followed by the Botanic – it’s made with jelly babies (so cute).

As well as gins, Ginjams also have an impressive selection of wines, and they host both gin and wine tastings, as well as offering private hire, and a range of other events and special offers throughout the week (they even have a speed dating event coming up).

For somebody not that keen on gin, I left the event with a new found love for the drink. Unlike wine, gin doesn’t leave me feeling bloated and is nice and easy to drink and enjoy with friends. I will definitely be returning for another visit and, who knows, perhaps I will find a tonic I like soon!

I was invited to this event as part of the Bournemouth Blogger network, however all opinions and photos are my own.

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