Foodie Friday – Strawberry Santas

Christmas day is just around the corner. After a huge Christmas dinner you might not have room for much in the evening, but these super simple and quick to prepare Santa strawberries are the perfect sweet treat! 

All You Need:

-Pack of Strawberries 

-Extra Thick Squirty Cream 

What to Do:

-Carefully slice the very top of the strawberries to remove the stalk 

-Slice the end off (leaving around 2/3 the strawberry) 

-Place the strawberries on a plate and squirt cream on top

-add the end of the strawberry back on top of the cream 

-Create a Pom pom and buttons to decorate 

Et voila – a super simple dessert for Christmas evening (or just something to Instagram when you’re bored with your presents)… 

I originally found this idea on Pinterest where they used cream cheese instead of squirty cream and to be honest I would recommend you do the same as although mine worked and were tasty, it would have been much better with something a little more solid as they did tend to slide apart easily! You can also use icing if you don’t like cream cheese. 

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