Beauty – The You Magazine Beauty Advent Calendar 2018

Last year Ed bought me the Boots No7 Advent Calendar and I loved it! I was so excited to get it again this year but when I went to search for it I saw it had already sold out…. in mid-October…. and there would be no more stock coming in. I do think the world has gone a little crazy when it comes to beauty advent calendars. Some of them retail at over £200 and that is just madness. Christmas is already expensive enough without feeling the need to spend hundreds of pounds on an advent calendar.

If, however, you have been sucked into the world of beauty advent calendars but don’t want to break the bank, I would suggest doing what I did and hunting around for the best deal. I spent around half an hour googling beauty advent calendars, looking for something which was cheaper than its competitors without lacking quality and I stuck gold with the You Magazine Beauty Advent Calendar (unfortunately this has also since sold out, which is very frustrating).

I was a little apprehensive about ordering something I had not heard about before, from a site I had never ordered from but I managed to find a discount code that reduced the calendar, including contents worth £255, down even further from £60 to £50 with free delivery, so I took the plunge.

A week went by and I hadn’t received the calendar and started panicking that I had been scammed but fortunately it arrived that afternoon and I was blown away by how generously sized the calendar itself was. There are 24 doors, which is good as a lot of calendars these days only offer 12 days.

It came with a little magazine which lists the contents. I haven’t gone through this in great detail as I like to have a bit of a surprise when it comes to my advent calendar, opening the door each day to discover what is inside, but the items I did see look brilliant and definitely value for money in comparison to other calendars.

As I say, this particular calendar is out of stock, but I would recommend looking out for it next year. The other calendar I was considering was the ASOS beauty calendar as it seemed similar in price and value.

I bought the You Magazine Beauty Advent Calendar with my own money. 

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