Making Plans for a Bedroom Makeover

Ed and I must spend around 75% of our lives in our bedroom and no, I am not being rude, we are just old before our time and tend to head to bed when the children go to sleep and spend the rest of our evening watching Netflix – so rock and roll!

The TV in our bedroom at the moment is a fairly small second hand one, which is attached to the wall on a braket. We recently bought ourselves a fancy HDTV for our lounge and, compared to that, our bedroom TV is pretty rubbish, if I am being honest, especially considering how often we use it.

Fairly early on in our relationship, Ed and I house sat for his best friend and his wife whilst they went on their honeymoon. They had a TV built into their bed and I remember being totally wowed by it. TV Beds are hardly a brand new invention, but it was the first one I had come across, and it certainly made an impression.

Ever since then I have vowed that one day I would get myself one when we get round to buying our own house. Although I am usually pretty laid back about things like this, I have already picked out the exact make and model I would want and it’s going to be one of the first purchases I make after we move!

The thing is, once you have kids, going out and socialising is often pushed to the back burner, it’s no longer feasible to head out to a bar or for a meal on a whim, and nine times out of ten, Ed and I actually prefer staying in to going out anyway, but it makes sense to do it in style.

A TV bed will be a fantastic upgrade from our current set up – not only will the picture and sound quality vastly improve, but we won’t have to crane our necks to get a good view of the screen when we’re laying in bed.

As well as a TV bed, I also have a few other plans to make our bedroom the haven I want.

Smart Storage

We have built in wardrobes in our room, and I want to have them again when we move, but at the moment the clothes inside aren’t very well organised. I want to get some smart storage solutions to make things easier to locate, and look nicer.

A Splash of Colour

Our room at the moment is quite muted. When we move I want to get nice, expensive bedding in a bright colour and hang a canvas above our bed.

Matching Furniture

When I moved in with Ed we ended up with some of my furniture and some of his, and our bedroom furniture is currently mismatched. I recently bought myself a lovely white dressing table, and when we move again I want to get all white furniture to create a balance.

Little Touches

Refreshing a room doesn’t have to be costly, I want to have a bedroom which feels like somewhere I can go to relax and unwind. Scented candles, reed diffusers and fresh flowers on my dressing table will all help create a tranquil atmosphere and help transform our bedroom.

This is a sponsored post, however all words are my own.

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