Beauty – The Perfect Perfume for a Beach Holiday – Escada Sorbetto Rosso

I don’t know about you, but when I go away on a special holiday, I like to take along a new perfume, something that will become a signature scent for the trip. Something which will have the power to take me back afterwards, with just a spritz.

This has happened with Ghost Sweetheart Forever, which I took along to Santorini, and now makes me remember the brilliant blue skies and gentle breeze every time I wear it.

For our honeymoon to Mexico, I knew I wanted a new perfume, but I had no idea which to go for as these days, the huge selection to choose from can be quite daunting.

In the end, I chose quite by accident, on a whim during a brief visit to Boots. We’d gone in there just to have a quick browse, and my eyes were drawn to the beautiful bottle of Escada’s Sorbetto Rosso.

I spritzed some on my wrist and the scent of watermelon was quite powerful, immediately making me think of summer days by the beach. I knew I had to have it.

Ed and Benjamin, who were with me, both had a sniff and seemed to approve as well, and so here it is, my chosen honeymoon fragrance.

Apparently it’s limited edition, which is annoying in a way if I end up loving it and want more, but in a way it’s nice and quite symbolic of a trip we won’t be taking again anytime soon with the three kids to think about.

When buying perfume, I tend to go for a few select favourite brands, and Escada is not one of them, but I’m glad I took a chance on it, as, with top notes of pear and the heart notes of watermelon and Tiare flower, this is such a fresh, fun and feminine scent for summer.

Escada Sorbtto Rosso is currently available instore at Boots, and via various online retailers, priced from around £37 for 50ml.

This post has not been sponsored or gifted, but I wanted to share my new perfume with you all.

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