Beauty – Review – L’Oreal Clay Mask in Glow  

I will admit, the main reason I got this mask was the hype surrounding them when they came out. It seems that almost every beauty blogger I’ve come across has written about them but I figured why not add my thoughts into the mix. 

I took a while to use this, mainly because I usually don’t take my makeup off until the bitter end – when in bed, just before lights out, which would make applying a (fairly messy) face mask a little difficult… 

The other day I consciously made the effort to take my makeup off following a hair wash. The kids were both staying elsewhere and I figured it would be as good a time as any for a little pamper. 

I sat down to eat (our current Friday night staple) curry in front of a film with the rather red clay mask on.

On application it felt quite gritty and didn’t have the nicest of smells. I also managed to smear a bit on our pale wood bathroom cabinet, which Ed was less than pleased about as he said it would stain (to be fair, it probably would being the colour it is). 

It dried fairly quickly but didn’t feel too hard and stretched on my face as some face masks do. I actually left it on for probably nearer half an hour rather than the ten minutes I had planned as I got carried away taking part in the In Real Life Twitter chat and stuffing my face full of Tikka Masala. 

When I did go to wash it off, apart from being fairly messy (I much prefer the peel off masks in term of less hassle), it didn’t take long to remove and I was left with fairly soft skin that looked like it had been pampered. 

I wouldn’t say I noticed an instant change in the brightness of my skin, and I’m sure L’Oreal don’t claim to have an instant effect, but my skin did look renewed and less dull overall in the following days. With regular use I would imagine that it could help to brighten up your complexion. 

I have used one other mask in the range, with my sister, which was the detox one. I think I might have slightly preferred it in terms of feeling like it made a big difference after one application, but in general, it is my skin being dull and tired that I want to work on so I will stick with this one for now. 
Do you have any of the clay mask range? Which one do you recommend? 

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